Optima Cast, Optimal Condition for Your Wounds
Optima Cast, Optimal Condition for Your Wounds
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Orthopedic casting tape

People have more and better options than they used to, when it comes to choosing their favorite outdoor activities. Some go climbing, some bike riding and some play sports with friends and family. And it is true, all these plays are utterly fun and pleasant, and they make people forgetful and let them feel like they are off the hook from being in danger of several different unexpected accidents. But these accidents still come, like a thief at the very worst moment, and people get hurt. But when that moment comes, you don't have to panic like the others.  Instead you can pull something out of your small first-aid box. It is the Optima Cast.


Optima Medical Products Bring Comfort and Protection

Optima Cast sounds like something from Star Trek or Star Wars. But it is real - specifically orthopedic casting tape, which supports and protects any wounds like fractures or sprains. This cast is made of a knitted fiberglass fabric impregnated with polyurethane resin and reacts to water with a chemical reaction that hardens the tape. What sets it apart from any conventional cast is its lightweight, porous weave that helps your skin to breathe, excellent x-ray translucency, ease of use and removal, and finally its exceptional cast strength. Optima Cast's setting time is approximately 3 to 5 minutes, with functional strength in 20 minutes.

Next in line is the Optima Splint. This splint presents a finishing material with a thick and soft quality. When you apply this to a desirable area, it fits just right due to high adhesiveness. And it is sterilized with non-woven cloth that goes through a special anti-bacterial process, which offers protection from moisture and get rid of the smell caused by skin inflammation. Splint's number one priority is all about its strength. Optima Splint's superior strength is the best in the business. And water cannot penetrate the splint, as Optima Splint blocks it in the same way our ears do. After all, patients can enjoy being comfy. For temporary immobilization of fractures, sprains and strains, Optima Splint Roll is ready. This orthopaedic splinting system has multiple layers of casting strips mixed with a polyurethane resin, which is also water-activated. As a protective barrier of non-woven fabric encloses the strips, people who use this can feel cushioned and secure.

Specialist For Medical Products

JOIN ENTERPRISE started in 1999, and the company has become one of the leading medical product manufacturers in South Korea, specialized in synthetic orthopedic casting tape, fiberglass or polyester fabric coated with water-activated polyurethane resins and orthopedic splints. With their officially-proven quality products, JOIN ENTERPRISE is supplying millions of them to both the domestic market and over 30 different countries.

Joinenterprise Co., Ltd. Corporation has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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