CosMecca Knows What Women Want
CosMecca Knows What Women Want
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CosMecca Skincare

On a busy morning, it takes more than two hours to commute from the outskirts of Seoul to downtown Gangnam. A few people get up as early as at 5 in the morning to take a bath, enjoy a leisurely breakfast and go to work on an uncrowded subway. In most cases, however, people have heavy-feeling limbs in the morning, since they spent all day in front of a computer and then were dragged to a get-together after hours. Eyelids feel heavy and sour. After barely getting up after struggling for one more minute of sweet sleep in a warm and soft bed, there is no time to enjoy a breakfast. Rather, a cup of milk and a piece of bread will do on the run. After washing the face at the speed of light, only five minutes are left to quickly make up the face. It is luxury to be able to put on all the types of cosmetics - whitening, sun protection, and anti-wrinkle cream - without being late for work.

Know what women want

CosMecca has launched a BB cream in Korea and developed triple functional cosmetics that take care of skin whitening, anti-wrinkling and sun protection while using only raw materials approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. On top of that, it has patented technology to address skin troubles such as atopy, cell multiplication, inflammation, anti-oxidation and dry skin improvement. CosMecca stands forth at the field of green development, an area that is gaining popularity recently, by creating a DDS system that supplies effective elements to a dermal layer using a natural lecithin emulsifying agent. It has also developed a Hypoallergenic Base that is antiseptic and surfactant free, by developing original natural materials, natural substance materials and oriental medicine materials which are also effective as medicine. Its new emulsion with low viscosity does not feel sticky on the face. The beauty-creating company seems to read what is on a woman's mind. It acutely satisfies consumer needs.

Improvement in production and distribution

Meanwhile, the cosmetics company improved its distribution method as well. It operates not only on an OEM system, which develops products to meet requirements from the client, but on an ODM system as well, to take responsibility for all production processes based on R&D ability and suppling products to distributors. The company is both production experts and sales experts.

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