Anyxing for Anything - Dental Specialists
Anyxing for Anything - Dental Specialists
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CEO Mr. Jae Gyeong, Chung sticks up for three striking points when referring to his company: leader, certified and global. Micro NX is the leader; taking care of the business with expertise in design and manufacturing, their products are getting more recognition from the people working in dental laboratory technology, nail arts, jewelry processing, wood crafting, milling, mold modification and what not. Micro NX is officially certified; with KFDA's green light, all their products are strictly screened and have been tested "fit "by Korea Testing Laboratory and certified with CE mark. Micro NX is global; their business sphere extends to 25 different countries worldwide, many thanks to mutual trust and cooperation that Micro NX has been building up steadily.


AnyXing BL-F (350W)

Let us break into the details regarding their items under the name ANYXING; Micro Motor Hand-Piece set for dental lab and nail care use has two different types. Brushless type set has numerous features like Various Control for Knee, Foot and Hand, Auto Cruise ( Speed Holding ), Delicate Control Speed Range with Error Code Digital Display, and, more importantly, newly introduced foot pedal which, controlled by magnetic sensor, has No Side Variable Resister function. Brush Motor type set comes with some cute, portable and slim designs, Hand/Foot Control system, Overload Protection and Reset function, plus some functions which are similar to Brushless type. Dental Laboratory Hand-Piece and Dental Clinic Micro Motor are for dental care use and has two types (brushless and brush motor). They have adopted new mechanism that reduces abrasion for roller with the method of surface-touch replacing the past point-touch; people are likely to find them impressive with its stainless steel hand-cap, Easy Burr exchanging, Various Collect Chuck availability, speed up to 35,000 rpm and more. Electric Nail File Machine Set is for nail care treatment and goes both digital and non-digital. The digital type is portable and slim with Speed Control pedal which is optional, Auto-Cruise function for the speed regulated by Speed Control pedal, High-Speed alarm that stops the knob when reaching 30,000 RPM. Non-digital type is speed-adjustable and has Hand/Foot control, Overload Protection and Reset function. And Nail Drill Hand-Piece has a stainless steel and aluminum exterior, Easy Burr exchanging, Easy grip part, plus some models are with the new mechanism of the surface-touch method.

Specialist In the Dental Industry

Not only has Micro NX contributed to 'precise part industry 'but to people's oral health, as a specialist in the dental field with their successful 'micro-motor technology' which gave birth to their unique electric micro motor for dental unit chair. Micro NX 's initial year was 2001, since then, the company has been growing with new inventions and dedication to its professional business, and now Micro NX is aiming to become the world's No.1.


Micro-NX Co., Ltd. Corporation has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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