Beautiful Women from JUNGHAW with a Fashion Flare
Beautiful Women from JUNGHAW with a Fashion Flare
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CONQUISTA, JESI LYDIA, ENNE EFFE, SOVRANO...  they are the brand names in cooperation with Italy's BESTENTE INTERNATIONAL, and they are seemingly storming the fashion houses and markets across Europe, America, and Asia. Their haute-couture brimming with conspicuous colors certainly represents high-style modes insinuating our picky taste for what we put on every day or for specific occasions. Their super quality keeps any virgin client frequently stalking new items of the same kinds and makes their interest very personal. Being highly regarded, JUNGHWA will flare up more with a torch of fashion pioneer while being creative in getting more flashy accessories out in the market where desirable buyers are anticipating, hardly awaiting.


Major Brands from JUNGHWA

Fashion gears like mufflers, knit mufflers, shawls, pashmina and mantles are greeting you in the market. You will see or touch and feel realizing those mufflers are knitted with a few different materials. And all of them are imbued with unique features such as mosaic type, wave type, jacquard figure, mono or multi colors and what not. One can easily identify certain individual dressing code of a person who wears it. The brand CONQUISTA, meaning "conqueror", muffler is affordable, light and soft, could-be -better option than any overly-priced wool muffler. This item has more than 90 types of designs and is becoming attention magnet in the market.

JESI LYDIA meaning "beautiful woman "is a shawl type fashion wear; this brand is capable of beautifying your whole look and is proud of its over 40 design figures that correspond well to several knitted-materials which happen to be somewhat functional during the target season. Those varied designs show geometric, monotone and floral shape, of course, plus many unique ones. And some JESI LYDIA shawls are featuring natural rabbit fur balls dangling at the end, some are expressed with intended-wrinkle patterns and some with specific embroidered patterns.  This shawl item is meant to add a new prominent style to your fashion sense, and it is pretty much for all-year round use.

PASHMINA is another item to look into. It is made of the same materials used for the others; polyester, acrylic; viscose, rayon; cotton, cashmere acrylic plus tencel . Particularly, Soft super acrylic-knitted pashmina is quite soft and uber-quality comparing to the one with normal acrylic. PASHMINA is boasting of 60 different designs and would be a great choice for anyone who cannot commit to one style.


Be a Blessed Worker with Trust and Honesty

Launched back in 1990 with the banner of "Be a blessed worker with trust and honesty ", JUNGHWA has never stopped renovating and re-creating the fashion industry with the best quality, fashionable designs and exotic colors. And now the company is taking on global market aggressively.

Junghwa has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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