MGO Cooling Unit – State-of-the-art Technology for the Marine Environment
MGO Cooling Unit – State-of-the-art Technology for the Marine Environment
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In Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness, the protagonist dreams that someday he will explore the Congo by ship, a place left blank on the map. There were blank spots on maps 200 years ago, as crossing continents often meant risking your life. The oceans were indeed immense then, although now we can even search for and look into alleys through satellite pictures on the Internet. However, at that time, the oceans seemed as infinite as space, and humans were all too fragile. However, the steam engine first invented in England, after a series of improvements, was developed into an engine as it is today, consequently making a huge contribution to the development of ships in general. Ships are now powered by the engines installed inside rather than relying on the wind to sail across the sea, while the bodywork is made of huge plates of steel instead of wooden boards. The progress of humanity has been crossing the whole planet.

From eco-friendly technology to automatic system based on artificial intelligence

MGO Cooling Unit

Donghwa Entec manufactures the main components for vessels. Established in December 1980, the company spares no expense in trying to set up the most competitive facilities in the world, producing heat exchangers for vessels, petrochemicals, and power plants. Their ceaseless passion for research and development led to continuous improvement of product performance as well as successful development of new products. Donghwa Entech has become a competitive global manufacturer that supplies the top six shipbuilders and top three engine makers in Korea as well as small and medium shipbuilders and shipping companies. With active management strategies and a focus on quality assurance, the company has successfully entered overseas markets including Japan and South East Asia where they directly export the products of local shipbuilders. One recent example of their incessant research and development is MGO Cooling Unit, which lowers the temperature of fuel oil by using cool substances as a medium, since cool fuel oil flows through hoses more smoothly. Today's reinforced environmental regulations require vessels to change the low quality oil to Marine Gas Oil (MGO) when sailing within certain areas, and this is where MGO Cooling Unit is generally employed. This technology has become all the more vital in the 21st century with the deteriorating marine environment. The company's state-of-art developments also include Energy Saving System (E.S.S), a component controlled by artificial intelligence in order to optimize the central seawater cooling system of vessels. The system maintains the optimum performance of vessels by detecting the temperature of seawater and clear water as well as opening of 3-way valves to provide the optimal energy for the central cooling system.

Dong Hwa Entec. has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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