Dr. Choi Gives the Another Possible Breakthrough for Steve Jobs' Cancer
Dr. Choi Gives the Another Possible Breakthrough for Steve Jobs' Cancer
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We are experiencing dramatic changes almost everyday in the modern world where we live

SEOUL, KOREA — We are living in the modern world where everything is going through the most dramatic changes since the birth of the human race. And these radical changes in the world bring a number of the benefits of civilization and enhance our quality of life. But there is a downside: cancer, which has been ranked as the No.1 cause of death for the past 40 years since the 1970s. The possibility of falling victim to it in the past 40-year period is 1,000 times higher than that of a million years ago, which means, every year, almost 20 million people's lives perish due to this disease.

It is highly likely that the early detection of the first cancer stage leads to a full complete recovery. Yet, the terminal cancer patients can survive for only up to 6 months at best, and many medical experts emphasize that the treatment for those who suffer from the advanced cancer stage should focus on slowing down its development, and not destroying it. Also Nation Cancer Institute in U.S. (NCI) advises, saying "Advanced cancer usually cannot be cured with any treatment." But there is one person who disagrees, and he treats and cures the advanced cancer. He is Dr. Choi Won-Cheol, Professor of M. U Integrative Cancer Center of Kyung-Hee University Hospital at Gangdong. Media Research Poll of 2010 introduces Dr. Choi as the third respectable and the top medical doctor alive in Korean history. This survey was conducted with 1,500 professionals from 50 sectors.


The birth of NEXIA

Dr. Choi is the creator of NEXIA a westernized medicine from LEESUNGHWAN Allergen-removed Rhus Verniciflua Stokes Extract that has been long used as the oriental cancer treatment. His NEXIA is a new medicine that locates extravagated blood based on each one drop of urination and blood, and then it cures cancer. NEXIA uses a rather simple method to determine the cancer patient; the oriental medical theory states "long-extravagated blood develops into cancer," once being familiarized with certain cancer-induced extravagated blood, it is easy to tell the difference between the blood from a healthy person and the one from the patient. Professor Choi since 1996 has closely studied the blood from the terminal cancer patient and found the specific extravagated blood. And his NEXIA project, the treatment for blood extravagation, began.

Until recent years, the cancer treatment has continued to zero in on destroying cancerous cells, using highly toxic chemicals. However, a human body decides to adapt to these elements as part of defense mechanism if such treatment fails more than once. Eventually, it becomes less effective, which means the termination of life for any unfortunate patient.

Dr. Choi Won-Cheol, Professor of M. U Integrative Cancer Center of Kyung-Hee University Hospital at Gangdong

He explains "Recent conventional cancer treatment penetrates into target cells and applies highly toxic elements which are supposed to destroy them. But NEXIA treatment uses a newly developed 'varnish tree' extract for the terminal cancer patient; it is capsule type. And NEXIA stops the cancer cell from spreading through its self-generated blood veins by dissolving an outer layer that encasing the cell.

He continued "Allergen Removed Rhus Vernififlua Stokes Extract has two important elements: fustin and fisetin. But it has only tiny 0.1% that should be extended more than 100 times to put into effective use. Now, oriental doctors legally take advantage of this varnish treatment while western medical doctors cannot."

NEXIA provides a high level of Rhus Vernififlua Stokes extract that surrounds the cancer cell and suppress its growth and never acts on any normal cells. Donguibogam: Principles and Practices of Eastern medicine tells " Certain types of cancer co-habit with its host." Following the principle, Prof. Choi defines that there are four different types of cancer; the patient can survive only if cancer stays Uji cancer(Stable). Some cancer should be gradually taken out which he calls SeoChuk cancer(Partial Remission). Others should be monitored to grow slowly, which he calls SeoJung cancer(Partial Growth). And some have all the aforementioned characteristics and are dubbed BokHap cancer(Partial Growth-stable-remission). And he says that any careless treatment that kills all those types of cancer at one time might turn into something more dangerous than the disease itself as it may end up rather killing a patient. Disassembling or destroying it is not always the right solution.


Steps towards NEXIA's global recognition

M.U Integrative Cancer Center of Kyung-Hee University Hospital at Gangdong has the professors who are specialized in each different cancer department for such as lung, stomach, breast, pancreas and etc. Prof. Choi is looking into lung and Pancreas cancer.

His patient was the stage 4 cancer patient who already went through and failed a western treatment option that lasted 3-6 months. KBS back in 1997 probed and aired the open treatment procedure regarding his 13 terminal cancer patients, but only the first episode was put out, not the second and third one, owing to an anti-protest and annoying phone calls from the group related to western medical doctors. The rest episodes saw the light of day through YTN. Two months later, on SBS's tv program 'Gu Guk-I Algo Sipda 'found that 88.2% of successful rate turned out from the investigation on his open treatment procedure for 13 patients, which officially proved what the 3 episodes claimed.

But it did not stop there, in 2006, some insisted that NEXIA should be approved by any international authority if NEXIA is what it says it is; there has not been a single person here in South Korea who has introduced any new successful cancer treatment so far. Mr. Choi kept on; he presented 8 theses to several well-known magazines including overseas SCI on NEXIA's effectiveness, plus 104 more works in Korea. Also he introduced the cases of Complete Remission for the failed stage-four cancer patients to an official journal of European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 'Annals of Oncology' for his one more step towards NEXIA's recognition.

Dr. Choi checks his patient

10 years of survival rate means a complete recovery for any terminal cancer patient. The medical society regards it as a simple lump for the terminal patient who outlives a 5-year period with cancer cells. Prof. Choi has cured all 80 terminal cancer patients who gave up all of their treatment options. Among them, 59 people still live a healthy life.

He says "The western medical treatment centering on U.S. does not understand the difference between the Amazon natives who are eating a plant root and the oriental doctor treating a patient. Maybe, this is why NEXIA with its proven record of prolonging the lives of the terminal cancer patients still struggles to get what it deserves as the sole treatment for the advanced cancer. Last year, NCI from U.S. suggested that they were intent to study in co-operation with us and was willing to help us with animal testing for NEXIA. But just around the corner is a clinical trial, and we only appreciated their recognition. I think the only thing we need to do is getting an approval from FDA in U.S. "

NEXIA has been patented internationally (PCT), and its original technology belongs to Prof. Choi. To be certified as one of the international treatment options, it is now conducting the second phase clinical study with the cancer patients at 8 different university organizations based on revised qualifications; the result is due around the end of this year. The third phase trial is necessary in general afterwards, but passing the second phase one gives permission for the market, and it is not long before we can see NEXIA at any nearby pharmacy.

Shift Down - Let's go back to nature

The ecosystem in which we live allows us to utilize the things that have been proved throughout our long human history; we eat rice, we drink water and we take medicine, these are something that the human race for a long time has accepted and that certainly would not do any harm to us. Yet, the modernization age has switched the gear too quickly from one to five and hit the road at the speed that is uncontrollable. And the society running at the gear level '5' is embracing, whether like it or not, the unprecedented civilization that is producing such as too much information that we digest in a short time, artificial instant food that we enjoy and the other new goods that we take for granted.

What does this accelerating mutation at a fast pace mean to us Our brain gets more pleasure out of the overwhelmingly increasing amount of information while we are capable of finishing a meal and commuting a long distance a lot faster than the past, leaving a big question mark for our human body. The British Royal family or the people who renounced the world are mostly living a cancer-free life. But many of those who, rich or poor, are living in this complicated modern world are more likely to suffer from the disease.

He answered "our body cells lost its control and still cannot adapt to those dramatic changes that have been brought about along with the various benefits from the civilization. A link between the ecosystem and the human race has been breached as we start using the chemicals for our food; we ends up absorbing these carcinogens and toxic materials, which weakens the immune system and, combined with daily stresses, facilitate mutation for normal cells, as a result of adverse effects. And after all, we need to go back to the Mother Nature to protect ourselves from the disease. Our body is supposed to fix itself naturally, and we often need to think about ' JangSu Chon ' where people live long and healthily without the modern medical support. "

"So the same goes for the treatment, it usually takes a long time to heal a small wound, and even the advanced cancer cells that are spreading to the other organs will not just go away with surgical resection It is sometimes really deplorable to see many failed patients who tried everything from surgery to various treatment options. They should have heard about NEXIA earlier, I do feel sorry for them, but that is why the success of NEXIA makes those patients clever. NEXIA's natural treatment is focusing on going back to the Mother Nature to slow down the growth of the disease, also NEXIA takes care of any subsequent pains for the patient. Ailing Mr. Steve Jobs might be able to come back strong if he could take on NEXIA," said he.

80 people shouting with their hands high up, we survive, thanks to NEXIA

In one corner of his office hang several large pictures with 1m x 1m on the wall. One of them shows 80 people seemingly shouting with their hands high up. Right below, it reads 'Realizing 10 year healthy life. We survive, thanks to NEXIA! '. He pointed his finger at it while saying that it is the picture taken for the 10 year anniversary, and 52 of them, the terminal cancer patients, are still alive and healthy with a smile.

The NEXIA Eco-harmony Cancer Treatment Center

Right now, at Ga-Pyong, Prof. Choi's wish is taking its course as the construction for the nature-friendly hospital that can accommodate 100 patients together is underway and will open come September 7th, which is led financially by Oriental Medical Foundation KwangHyeWon. The name of the hospital is the NEXIA Eco-harmony Cancer Treatment Center. The professor emphasizes the pure environment at this center as a method for cancer treatment by giving the analogy of pregnant women. Pregnant women are more protected, in the water and food they consume, in the environment where they live, and in the drugs that they can take. In the same way, cancer patients can be protected at the Center, so they can live a more pure lifestyle in that same vein.

Examples of NEXIA's procedures

Cancer disappeared after 4 months later cancer patient have taken NEXIA procedure as shown on CT image

A 50 year old pancreas cancer patient, 12cm of surgical resection was performed on July 2006 as shown on CT image. Four months later, Multiple lung metastases occurred and referred to us. Another 4 months later, they looked disappeared as shown on CT image. Now, The patient is alive and doing well. Complete remission for any pancreas cancer patient is very rare, and its survival time is three times longer than any conventional one.

Advanced Cancer disappeared after NEXIA treatment began, which later resulted in complete remission as shown on CT image

A 51 year old pancreas cancer patient, diagnosis and surgery performed on September 2006. Five months later, spread to adrenal and lung in spite of continuous treatment. Starting May 2007, NEXIA treatment began, which later resulted in complete remission. The patient is alive and well without any spread or recurrence. Complete remission after failing the conventional treatment is quite rare for the patient with lung metastases, even internationally. This case is meaningful. Its survival time is more than three times longer.

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