Smartcard Maker Introduces Multifunctional Card Aimed at Campus Use
Smartcard Maker Introduces Multifunctional Card Aimed at Campus Use
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Get Smart!

NICT Co., Ltd. ( is a leading supplier of multi-functional smartcards to some of Korea's top universities.

Company president Hyung-Man Kim said in an interview with The Korea IT Times, "The multifunctional smartcard replaces a student's card or faculty card that has only an ID function with one that allows users to controlled entrance to and exit from facilities within the campus, serves as electronic currency, and records class attendance electronically."

He emphasized that a multifunctional smartcard would enable universities to become more digitally oriented by, one hand allowing them to evolve as cash-less campuses and on the other hand, by permitting students to use facilities more conveniently.

To date, NICT has supplied Kyunghee, Aju, Sookmyung, Yeoju and Ewha Universities, plus the Cha Hospital in Seoul with the company's state-of-the-art multi-functional smartcard.

Stable System That Enables Organic Enlargement

NICT President Hyung-Man Kim
Mr. Kim noted that the closed network systems NICT has installed for its various clients allow for organic enlargement by gradual additions. Mr. Kim said NICT's RF function-based speed "gateway" system as installed in libraries to guarantee effective operation and control as opposed to the limits of the established bar-code system, which is characterized by frequent errors and physical unpleasantness when users come into contact with it.

NICT's electronic attendance system takes the place of the traditional role call, provides a record about a student's attendance and allows professors to concentrate on their lectures, said Mr. Kim.

The company's electronic payment system allows convenient payment in facilities such as cafeterias and school stores, and for photocopying services. NICT has designed the system to serve as a substitute for meal-tickets as well as cash transactions and allows for more effective management of revenues.

Mr. Kim said that all networks installed by NICT come equipped with security/protection measures to repel illegal intrusions in order to protect important informational assets such as research data within the campus and to support a safer computing environment. Other NICT solutions for academic use include the company's systems to aid university development fund management, electronic voting, and parking control.

Strengths: system construction ability, personnel & application experience

NICT's Electronic Attendance System
Mr. Kim ticked off the strengths of his company as a multifunctional smartcard provider as the ability to construct stable systems, a dedicated and experienced workforce, plus an integrated departmental approach to client needs.

In addition to the universities NICT has supplied, the company also claims the Department of National Defense as a smart card client.

Among its specialized workforce the company has engaged personnel with specific experience in RF-based multi-functional smart card projects for student applications. Mr. Kim added it was possible to "bring an integrated approach to campuses encompassing service centers, libraries, and lecture rooms, while the company has extensive experience in real-time systems.

Mr. Kim expressed optimism about the business prospects for his company's new smartcard, in saying that they are "infinite." NICT expects to amass orders worth 37 billion won this year, and 70 billion won to 80 billion won next year.

He emphasized that NICT will "Strive to emerge as leader in the field of IT on the basis of its advanced technological capability as well as marketing," adding that the company is moving ahead with plans to launch its telephone lotto project in the Philippines.

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