RESISTAR is Superior
RESISTAR is Superior
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Alloy-Tic 's core products are characterized as exclusive. Only three manufacturers in the whole wide world belong to the Alloy-Tic circle. They are the high-end technology-based companies that are capable of developing and producing them. And one of them is operating here in South Korea, the company DAEWHA Alloytech, sponsored by the Korean Government.  It can manufacture steel and alloy-bonded carbide products with their years of experiences in R&D and technology. The company is leveling up the performance for the industries pertinent to Heat-Resistant Alloys, Steel, and Chemicals with their products like RESISTAR, Alloy-TiC, and STELLITE.

Resister of Daewha Alloytech


RESISTAR is super high speed steel alloy for composite roller rings on intermediate and finishing mills. Most of these intermediate and finishing blocks of wire rod mills use Ductile Cast Iron(DCI) and Tungsten Carbide(WC-Co) which are posing problems as DCI roller is too short, and it takes a long time to replace the mill roller. Even Tungsten Carbide rollers are not the complete choice as they get damaged by heat. Thus RESISTAR, a new material, was developed and introduced; RESISTAR has the properties that are superior to any traditional materials as a result of centrifugal cast process, and its customizable hardness is quite resistible to heat, high wear resistance, low cracking which increases productivity. The applications are steel company's mill roll, guide roller, pinch roller etc and chemical industry's screw, paddle, buss screw and more.

Alloy-TiC from DAEWHA Alloytech

Alloy-TiC is steel bonded titanium carbide alloy for roller guide roller on high-speed blocks.  As modern wire rod mills usually run at the high speed that raising a few issues like roller breakage, breaking failure, and short groove life, even guide rollers are being continuously exposed to high instantaneous acceleration, leaving foreign materials on the surface,  Alloy-TiC comes to the rescue with a few key advantages; wear resistance due to its hardness and resistant level, low coefficient of friction with special lubricant characteristic that brings safe working process and simple production; low density, dimensional stability. It applies to roller guide roller of steel mill, polishing disk, aluminum extruder dies, paddle, non-ferrous metal hot forging dies, etc. The other items include mill roll, P/M tool steel, tungsten carbide, centrifugal casting, hammer & bits and industrial machinery.

Daewha Alloytech Co., Ltd. has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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