The Best Industrial Reducer Manufacturer
The Best Industrial Reducer Manufacturer
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Heavy machinery like construction vehicles constitute he backbone of the entire industrial structures as, if needed, those vehicles can either assemble or disassemble a number of important parts for any specific industry.  To rephrase, the foundation of certain industries depend on them. And with the same perspective, one can regard WOORIM as the main contributor to the overall development of the whole industry since the beginning of industrialization in South Korea.  They have been supplying the precision gear, industrial reducers, and transmissions for heavy machinery.

Specialized in reducer products, WOORIM has always paid more than enough attention to the development of reducers and precision gears for the past 30 years.  These are used for steel manufacture, shipping, cargo working, shipbuilding, construction, generation of electric power, and heavy machinery. And their products are characterized as high intensity, high efficiency and low noise.  Its excellent quality is possible thanks to a distinctive manufacturing system and quality management system. CASE processing, Vertical processing, Wind Power Generation Part processing, Assembly Line, Precision Measuring, Reliability facility are for Gear Processing that produces the best.

"We possess various testing instruments other than 3 dimensional tester by Carl-Zeiss company and Gear tester of Tokyo Tech company. Enabling verification of any products, we are making the best effort in customer satisfaction and zero defects."


High Quality and High Performance

Simple miniaturization is dominant these days, and WOORIM is actively working to keep abreast of such trends while introducing high performance and high functional reducers that are applied to steel manufacturing, industrial equipment, cargo transport, tower cranes, and excavators including pressure parts.

As to the transmission department, WOORIM produces transporting machine like drive axle assembly, transfer and drivers. Also, in the future, eco-friendly energy will be probably changing the landscape of the related industry, and wind power generation equipment parts are becoming their new line of business as the company is slowly nosing into the field of energy industry with the technology. WOORIM is developing these wind power generation equipment parts (gear box, pitch/yaw drive and gear rim) and importing processing equipment from Gleason Pfauter of Germany.

With their super precision technology of DIN level 1 standard, WOORIM for the aviation and defense industry is supplying the super precision gears of K-9 self-propelled gun and K2 tank and manufacturing control device of satellite antenna and power delivering gear of aviation equipment.

Jump for world's Best WOORIM

CEO Mr. Han Gyu-seok promises "We will grow to be the best and most trusted company in the world, even in the context of endless change and innovation, and become a global leader in the 21st century, the age of unlimited competition. We have the spirit of challenge and creativity. Watch us grow to be the strongest company of the world's super first class reducer technology."

Woorim Machinery Co., Ltd. has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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