Ahn Lab / V3 VirusBlock 2005 IS
Ahn Lab / V3 VirusBlock 2005 IS
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New Solution Gets Good Local Response, Adding Fuel to Company Ambitions Ahn Lab Inc. has launched a high-functional total security solution, VirusBlock 2005 Internet Security (V3 VirusBlock 2005 IS) in Japan, adding spam-mail blockage, anti-spy ware and personal information protection functions to existing anti-virus function, thus stepping closer to its goal to be one of top-three in the sector in Japan.

Its local subsidiary, Ahn Lab Japan, has marketed the new solution through a local partner, Interchannel.

The V3 VirusBlock 2005 IS is an upgraded version of a total security solution, V3 VirusBlock Internet Security which has received positive responses since it went on sale in January. Underpinning sales were its ease of use and swift and effective reaction against virus attacks. It has since chalked up sales of more than 100,000 copies.

The combination of the V3 engine and PC firewall function enables it to block and prevent complicated threats from viruses, worms, Trojan Horses and hacking. In addition to the spyware and spam mail blockage function, the new product includes personal information protection that informs users through Web browsers, e-mail and messenger when personal information such as IDs, passwords and credit card numbers are leaked.

Lee Bong-kee, president of Ahn Lab Japan, said that the company's ability to market high-functional total security solutions to meet compound security threats at reasonable prices is ahead of any of its rivals. The company plans to build stronger response systems, heighten customer confidence in order to maximize sales.

Ahn Lab Japan has conducted extensive sales promotions for its V3 VirusBlock 2005 IS. In cooperation with Interchannel, which boasts years of experience in software package sales, sales promotional events have been launched in major distribution outlets such as Yodobashi Camera and Yamada Electric. The company also advertises in newspapers and magazines. Ahn Lab Japan aims to take a 10-percent market share in Japan within the next three years and thus become one of the top-three players in the sector.

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