Reporting Made Easy with M2Soft
Reporting Made Easy with M2Soft
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Report Desinger 5.0

M2Soft is one of the 30 Korean software companies that selected as the worthy of global recognition in 2012. This is the second story of series articles.

Those looking for a reporting tool need not look further than the Crownix Report Designer 6.0 - a multiple data source piece of web reporting software that can design whatever reports that a consumer desires. A versatile web reporting tool, the Report Designer 6.0 uses an object-based reporting program that allows users to customize their report and place charts, graphs, texts, images, and barcodes anywhere while also setting the preferences for each of these objects. 

Additionally, users who are not familiar with databases can also use the menu bar and the mouse to drag and drop the data to send on the report. Report Designer 6.0 uses a powerful WYSIWYG user interface that combines both word processing technology and database tools to create an easy-to-use interface which is ideal for designing complicated report layouts. 

Report Designer 6.0 is also not dependent on any kind of server operating system or database system so it creates a reporting system that is usable on any system in many different formats such as PDFs, excel spreadsheets, word documents or powerpoint presentations. 

Who's behind all this

 M2Soft, the developers of this program, have over 1600 domestic and 100 foreign clients from various areas such as finance, government, education, medical, and corporate customers. Founded in 2001, M2Soft is the oldest reporting tool developer in the country, with years of knowhow and experience. 

With a lack of domestic reporting tools, M2Soft developed Miraero, the pioneer in domestic reporting tools, and supplied it to corporations and government firms. Although the earlier programs were lacking in many dimensions, the current workhorse - Report Designer 5.0 - is being sold in Japan as well as other overseas markets.

 Report Designers are not the only programs developed by M2Soft. Their lineups include the Crownix Docu Viewer, an AJAX-based document viewer which is able to read over 300 types of documents including office, AutoCAD and PDFs. The Docu Viewer is also available for all operating systems as well as web browsers and smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, GalaxyS. M2Soft also develops the Crownix Enterprise Reporting System (ERS) which is a smart server product that provides the optimal system architecture for multi user environments, as well as the Enterprise Printing System (EPS), a printing tool that manages report printing jobs in a spool and allows printing from any system connected to the EPS server.

 M2Soft has supplied its product to companies such as Samsung, Doosan, KT and POSCO as well as various government ministries and services.

 Setting sights on overseas markets

Eugene Park (Park You Sung), CEO of M2Soft

 Japan, who has the most similar reporting format with Korea, was naturally the first selection in the 1st overseas target for M2Soft. With the partner distribution company M2Soft Japan, M2Soft entered the first overseas competition in August 2007. Currently there are 6 local IT specialist and 2 Korean engineers working in M2Soft Japan, as well as a Japan Marketing team in HQ.

 M2Soft made a breakthrough in the Japanese market recently following a report printing system deal with a multinational electronics company. The electronics company 'S' recently made the transition from the No.1 reporting tool vendor in Japan, and this symbolic sign of approval would bring more opportunities in the future. 

How to survive as a software developer in Korea 

The first reporting tool developed by M2Soft, Miraero, was the most advanced domestic reporting program amidst a flood of foreign developed software. Although there were other tools in the market, they were all benchmarking foreign tools which had a locked output preference for each reporting areas. This was adequate for foreign reporting methods, but for Korean companies which used more charts and lines, it did not meet the standards. However, M2Soft developed a more free-form reporting tool that could place objects anywhere on the report and set printing parameters independently for each object which was more suited for Korean companies.

 This kind of innovative pioneering helped M2Soft retain the most market share in the report software industry. The driving force behind these innovations is the dozens of engineers in the research lab who are constantly looking for ways to improve current designs. Under the slogan 'As long as data exists, reports exist', all the engineers and researchers analyze user wants, IT trends and current programs for even better reporting solutions for the future. The M2Soft research team constantly looks to see software from the consumer standpoint, and brings them the best, most versatile and easy to use reporting tool available.

Strategies to venture into the world market

M2Soft Solution

 Japan was the first overseas venture for M2Soft, and thus most of the initial research had been done on the Japanese market. The first step was to set up the Japanese distribution company M2Soft Japan. Initially, fears of unaccustomed software developers prevented Japanese firms, world renowned for their high standard in quality, to choose M2Soft products. However, after participating in many prominent expos and trade fairs as well as seminars and business meetings, M2Soft was able to create a high profile software development/quality management system eventually leading to over 100 impressed clients and 20 retail stores and partner firms. Currently M2Soft is aggressively pursuing license and bundle marketing as well as smart phone, tablet devices and cloud services.

 The successes in Japan had been vital for recognition in the domestic market for foreign expansion as well. Government funding and support has been granted following the impressive sales in Japan for further expansion into the European and US market. KOTRA and the Korea Software Industry Association, in association with Garner are currently backing M2Soft for these preparations. Korean global conglomerations such as Samsung and LG also were impressed, making deals with M2Soft for their foreign offices as well. CEO Eugene Park stated, "We can promise you Reporting Solution Specialist, M2Soft, will be the best alternative for your company. While preparing 'Ubiquitous Reporting', we will do our best to truly meet your expectation and confidence armed with our belief, the best service comes from the best renovation.”

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