Fastest, Most Efficient Databases Imaginable with Altibase
Fastest, Most Efficient Databases Imaginable with Altibase
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Altibase is one of the 30 Korean software companies that selected as the worthy of global recognition in 2012. This is the second story of series articles.

The world is now run with databases.  Vast stores of quadrillions of words makes or breaks a company these days.  Data is the lifeblood of the 21st century, and it must be pumped through companies without fail.  There is good news, too.  With the rapid development of both the hardware and software aspects of smart technology, being able to transmit more data faster is of paramount importance for governments and corporations worldwide. Many different kinds of Database Management Systems (DBMS) have been created, but Altibase may have the fastest and most efficient solution yet.

CEO of Altibase, YH Choi

Altibase was found in the mid-90s amidst a government project called Bada to domestically manufacture DBMS. This project led to the founding of Altibase which eventually led to the development of the in-memory DBMS ALTIBASE 1.0 in 2000.

In 2005, Altibase received recognition by being the first to develop a hybrid DBMS which put together in-memory DBMS and Disk Residence DBMS (DRDBMS) together.  This solution won the first GS certification in the industry and the 2006 New-software Grand Prize along with the President's Award.

Altibase won the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy's World First Class Product award 2007 with their ALTIBASE HDB.  In 2010 began to revolutionize their image as a company with their next big project which is a real time data analysis solution, ALTIBASE DSM(Data Stream Middleware).

Another big project was undertaken by Altibase in 2011. It was called a Data Performance Solutions.  About the same time, Altibase changed their product name from Altibase to ALTIBASE HDB, and released a new improved version of ALTIBASE HDB 5.5.1 to reinforce their workhorse product both domestically and internationally. Altibase's impressive list of accomplishments has been topped off last February with the Korean Software Industry Grand Prize in the competitiveness department.

Creating the bigger and faster solution

The ALTIBASE HDB, which is Altibase's current workhorse brand, is a hybrid DBMS developed exclusively by Altibase. This DBMS mixes together the advantages of both DRDBMS and MMDBMS into a single DBMS engine. MMDBMS are well known for their high-powered performance while DRDBMS's signature mass storage is required for today's data processing needs. With these advantages combined, ALTIBASE HDB can selectively store data on disk or memory depending on access frequency and allows clients to access their data in the most efficient manner.

Currently ALTIBASE HDB is being used by domestic and international communications, finance and manufacturing corporations such as SKT, Woori Bank, Ministry of Defense, GMarket and Chungang University to increase their management efficacy in various areas like Network Utilization/Service Reliability, Integrated Billing/Authentication, Fraud Detection/Prevention and Infrastructure Monitoring/Security.



Bringing the HDB to the world

Altibase has experienced significant growth through strengthening its core efficacy in 2010, and is planning to use this success as a springboard into the world market.

Japan is one of the first overseas market targeted by Altibase, and through a successful integration of their own hybrid technology with a Japanese stock company, 6 new clients have made deals with Altibase to strengthen their own database infrastructure.

In China Altibase in-memory DBMS are being integrated into the communications industry where rapid processing of data is vital. 3 of China's main communication firms - China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile - are under deals with Altibase and more clients are being negotiated with in the finance industry.

The US has experienced an explosive data load increase in the communications, and the need for a real time, high storage, high performance processing is ever increasing. Currently Altibase is getting ready to jump onto the bandwagon with the former Oracle vice president as the head of the local distribution company.

However, Altibase has some tough competition ahead and knows it. The foreign market is especially harsh to smaller enterprises like Altibase, and raising brand awareness and credit is top on Altibase's agenda for the world market. Initially, even in the domestic market it was difficult to leave an impression on potential clients.

As part of their business strategy Altibase set up a precise road map to follow on their expansion. With the mission to 'contribute to worldwide enterprise software industry by delivering excellence in data performance', Altibase created a new motto 'Data Performance Solutions' to their expansion.

Their goal is to expand their image from a DBMS vender into a data performance solutions provider which includes data creation, processing and sorting solution.  Altibase's plans are to expand into markets in the US, China, Japan and Europe within the next 5 years.

Keys for excellence

To have survived in the tough domestic IT industry, Altibase surely has some tricks up their sleeves. According to Altibase, first of all, the unique nature of Altibase products is the key to their success. Altibase's hybrid HDB brings together the both of best DBMS worlds, creating a single solution for the fundamental dilemma the clients face when deciding upon a DBMS - whether to choose storage space or speed.

Timeliness is also a key element for Altibase. The first decade of the 21st century brought about a network connected world, and in this world high performance data processing is crucial. The need for a data solution for both speed and space was rapidly rising, and Altibase was able to get both of them sorted out just in time.

 Lastly, excellence in R&D and experience in quality was essential for Altibase. As a gathering of core personnel in various industries, Altibase has been able to create products that have met the client's needs on a very wide dimension for the last 12 years. This process granted Altibase a huge amount of software experience and the top technology in the domestic market.

The hybrid itself is a testimony of the experience and technology Altibase has, and with this hybrid technology Altibase is looking to prove itself in the world arena.



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