Spicing Up IT Solutions with Saltware
Spicing Up IT Solutions with Saltware
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Saltware is one of the 30 Korean software companies that selected as the worthy of global recognition in 2012. This is the second story of series articles.

Lee Jeong-kun, CEO of saltware

Most companies nowadays utilize some sort of business solution in the workplace. Saltware is a company that provides these business solutions and more.Much more, in fact.They provide business infrastructure to maximize efficiency for a client business environment as well as consulting clients on technology architecture. They also have software department for domestic software solutions and business package products for corporations.

Saltware is an almost 10-year-old business integration firm that started out in 2003. It is also a firm that has kept up a constant 2 billion won sales for the last 3 years despite the bad economy. Besides the many business departments, Saltware also runs a research lab and a professional consulting group for follow-up services, creating a better partnership than a simple buyer-seller relationship.

Their flagship software enView is an enterprise portal software that was developed in 2007 and achieved GS certification the next year. Currently over 40 websites including universities, markets, and corporations are using enView, and they are receiving good reviews among users.

 There are a lot of foreign products that provide similar services as enView with many different features. However many of these products require their own web application server to be utilized for their viewers to work properly. The versatile enView can work with all major WAS and open sources WAS as well.

Currently Seoul National University, Jeon-Buk University, Chung-Nam University, Hanyang University and other major universities are utilizing this technology in their portals. Corporations such as Hyundai Mobis use the multi-lingual function to the fullest in their global purchase portal that led to an efficient work collaboration project.

Worldwide recognition for Saltware

The enterprise portal solution has been a certified business solution for almost 10 years worldwide; however it is undergoing a series of changes. Major vendors have been annexed into a few large corporations, which meant that the range of choice of portal software for clients have decreased and technology has taken leaps making difficult for smaller firms to compete.

enView, however has been chosen as the software export mentoring project by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy's National IT Industry Promotion Agency and is undergoing globalization with backing from the government. 2011 fall is the estimated release date for the global version and this will be followed up by the same high quality service provided to domestic clients. Saltware hopes to compete against the major vendor firms and replace them for many foreign clients.

Growing amidst barren lands

EnView Architecture

The enterprise software industry has always been a hard market for small domestic firms to compete in. Amidst the towering foreign brand software Saltware first achieved GS certification after 3 years of continuous funding and research in the domestic corporate portal area. Boosting off their initial achievements Saltware's strategy was to aggressively compete for market in the university portal sites, and went on to supply solutions for corporations and public domains.

One of the most important philosophies Saltware abides by is that their software is not technology centered, but is custom made to support business convergence as a platform. This is not to say that Saltware is slacking off in the quality department. Nothing could be more far from the truth. Rigorous quality assurance and abidance to the international standard is achieved through processes that constantly analyze, reflect and examine every product. Client feedbacks are always taken into account, and these feedbacks are turned into goals for future software development.


Into the world market


With the aforementioned backing of the government ministry Saltware is itching to have a go at the world market. They are far from unprepared however, and their first priority is to find out global quality levels of competing products and prepare for technicalities such as intellectual property rights. Many domestic firms used to focus only on the final product, but international standards must be met including software quality methods - including printing appropriate manuals and technical writings and utilizing various test methods. Under the guidance provided by the MKE, Saltware would be well prepared to face these challenges.

enView will be labeled as BIPS enView, with BIPS standing for Business Integration Platform Service. This continues with the idea that Saltware provides not only technology, but provides solutions that would allow Business Integration for the clients. The research teams are working on even more innovative products not only in the portal and single sign on area, but also infrastructure and architecture wise. Producing high quality, stable systems for businesses to thrive on will be the goal Saltware has to achieve to compete in the world market.



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