Professional Focus on Castings
Professional Focus on Castings
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Castings are vital for many different sectors like nuclear power plants, ship building, and industrial machinery. But they don't usually stand out. Casting parts usually blend and find their way to a critical position in complex machines. They are created via casting, which is the process where a mix of certain functional materials in liquid form are first poured into a mold which has a hollow cavity. Soon, the liquid mix becomes solidified in it.  Later, it is forced out. And it is very useful when sophisticated shapes are hard or too costly to produce with other metal manufacturing methods.

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DAEJIN's Casting Process for The Best Quality

DAEJIN Metal, with their professionalism locked in on castings, is busy with their fully running factory where each responsible department is totally focused on reaching their yearly production goal of 20,000 tons, which equals 17 tons of max casting unit weight. Their manufacturing procedure starts with simply drawing check & casting designs.  Next is molding, separation and pouring, and the last phase includes cooling, cutting, grinding, and inspection.  And their obsession with the best quality is assuredly prominent with quintessential facilities like AOD systems, Induction Furnaces, Shot Blasters, Bowl Mixers, O.H. Cranes, Lathe M/C, and Miling M/C.  They also have a wide variety of testing equipment including Emission Spectrometers, Hardness Testers, and Infra-Red Ray Thermometers.

Multi-Casting for Multi-Industry

A quick glance at their main products will have you interested, as their concentrated efforts for casting present themselves with a consistent prefix of castings before each category. It begins with castings for gas turbines and nuclear power plants, boiler components that list Gas Turbine Compressor Base & Covers, Turbine Blade Rings, Turbine Dummy Rings, Outer & Gland Rings, Diaphragms, Bearing Housings, Elbows & Flanges, Inner Castings, Packing Heads, Nozzles, Discharge halves, Nuclear Power Plant Pump Barrels and Covers, and Steam End Castings. For shipbuilding parts, there are Castings for Deck Machinery Winches, Metallizing Castings, Cam & Crank Shaft Chain Wheels and Piston Crowns.  And Pump Castings, Volute Castings, Diffusers, Bowls & Bells, Impellers, and Valves are for Pump and Valve parts. The industrial parts are Press Castings, Roll Chocks, Gear Rims, Girth Gears, Trunnion Drives, and Idle Shafts.

Certified with multiple awards and quality recognition marks, DAEJIN Metal, started in 1983, has been supplying plain carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel and special steel ingots to both domestic and international clients.

DAEJIN Metal Ind. Co., Ltd. has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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