Gem Light Double-Brightens the World
Gem Light Double-Brightens the World
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A typical LED

When you think of light, you may think of an LED computer monitor first, as these LED-based monitors are poised to gobble up the whole market pie sooner or later.  People claim that an LED backlight monitor presents millions of colors and pixels far better than conventional LCD monitors with IPS, TN or VA panels. Sure, it has a better response time, clear color contrast and uses less power, and people do want to exploit the technology that stimulates their nerves of interest. The market reacts, and all lighting lamps, bulbs, and neon signs are also going for LEDs.

Front Runner Insung Enpla

One of the front runners in the industry is Insung Enpla Co., LTD, founded in 1999. With the self-invented high-precision production system, using the most advanced metallic mold which was developed by their own engineers, high-quality production can be delivered for high precision mold parts like digital lenses and taper roller bearings, plastic cages for those bearings, optics, barrel parts, and others. And Insung Enpla's LED department introduces the Gem Light.

Gem Light is engineered with core lens-technology based on a new material PMMA which was first introduced by the company. With help from it, Gem Light can double the brightness that comes from the light spreading out to the surface when the others generate light through developing surface-emitting and aspheric optical lenses. And heat emission maximizes its impact because of the altered-Aluminum structure material. As a result, the heat sink gives off its heat when the LED light is on, which makes LED modules semi-permanent.

Five Types of Gem Light

LED Compact Lamp

There are five types of Gem Lights in the market; LED lamp category has DC type (T8) and AC type (T10), and DC type is for department stores, offices, exhibitions, and parking lots. It has the features of low energy consumption, environmental friendliness, safety from any electric shock, semi-permanent, and thermosetting LEDs utilizing Metal PCB. The AC type can replace any generic straight-type fluorescent light and is applicable for houses, office buildings, and factories. It is easy to use, semi-permanent, cost-efficient, eco-friendly, constant brightness and a few more.

LED Down Light is a Converter Internal type for interior lighting, display lighting, and architecture lighting.  It features low energy consumption, semi-permanence, ease-of-use, and environmental friendliness. The LED MR series is designed for the same locations as the LED Down Light with several advantages like a longer product life cycle, no UV and no Electromagnetic waves, power-efficiency, no mercury, no lead, or any other harmful chemicals. LED flat lights look square with INS-PL300, INL-PL600 and INL-PL 1200 panels. LED HQL lights are suitable for special uses like color expression, featuring energy savings, a semi-permanent LED life cycle, and stainless steel hooks to prevent falling.

Insung Enpla Co., Ltd. has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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