Waxing Poetic on Metal Machining
Waxing Poetic on Metal Machining
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Here is one survival tip for a business: have the shortest lead time and assured quality. Any metal parts manufacturer that does not take these two points seriously will fall off the competitive market sooner or later, because their angry customers never think twice about sticking to a supplier who is late and untrustworthy. But there are more things to factor in. It will be really difficult to listen to the clients who are buzzing around, noisy as honeybees, making noise to keep their business afloat. But here comes BA Metal, which pushes forward their business motto of "Let's be as diligent as honeybees, love and serve our neighbors in the quest for our dream."

Industrial machine parts

BA Metal's Investment Casting

They may not appear exactly like hard-working honeybees, but they do use wax to process and produce quality industrial parts. It's called Investment Casting, the most effective casting method to produce highly-accurate and sophisticated parts. It comes with the following benefits.  First, drawers and engineers with design flexibility can come up with the precise details and dimensional accuracy of products weighing from just a few ounces to 60 kilograms. Second, wax patterns lead to a reduction of tooling set-up expenses, and the fixturing cost will be quite low. Machining operations will be minimized and mass production becomes available, which eventually results in shorter lead times. Third, it can reproduce fine details like relief lettering, splines, holes, bosses, serration, and certain particular threads. Fourth, mechanical performances and properties can improve with metallurgical control. Investment Casting applies to a wide range of industrial parts such as gas turbines, measuring equipment, internal combustion, electric or communication motors, food processors, sewing and other textile machines, firearms, pumps, and compressors.

Meet us, Meet Our Products

Since 1992, BA Metal has been one of the leaders in the medium size investment casting industry.  The company has been supplying thousands of industrial casting parts both in the Korean market and overseas. President Kim Young-seob spoke about his future vision by saying, "Our newly-launched project, a joint R&D center with the faculty group of metallurgy of Junbuk University, will no doubt back up our efforts to enhance our factory capability for higher productivity and best result of metal works. Meet us, meet our products."

B.A Metals Co., Ltd. has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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