Future Systems / "Home Gateway" System
Future Systems / "Home Gateway" System
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Enters Home Network Market, Expands Security Division

Future Systems has entered home-network sector, having launched a new home-gateway product. In the wake of the launching of its Vilian home gateway system, the company has selected the home network sector as its next-generation source of growth will continue to pursue this new strategic market.

Future Systems said that its Vilian security system is absolutely is free from problems such as interference by intruders and leakage of personal information. Vilian has been used in home network trial projects by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) covering 200 households in Seoul. The MIC plans to build a home network environment for 10 million households by 2007.

Future Systems established its home network subsidiary, Icross Tech. in 2002 to focus specifically on this line of business. Future Systems plans to provide differentiated home network solutions based on its core technology in network and security sectors. In this manner, it intends to expand its footing in the security market to enable it to move into new areas.

Home network systems and services are one of the top-9 IT new growth engines and top-8 new services designated by the MIC. This is on account of their high growth potential due to wire and wireless telecommunications development, plus the rising demand for the "digital home" concept. Strong rivalry is already apparent between players in the U.S.A., Japan and Europe, while competition is hearting up in the domestic market.

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