Wireless Product Solution Provider for the Global Market
Wireless Product Solution Provider for the Global Market
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Joo-Hwan Cho


With a diverse manufacturing and advanced hybrid wireless/broadband engineering capability as its key assets, Sungil Telecom is gaining a reputation as a wireless product solution provider for the global market that offers both fixed and mobile means to access high-speed data, voice and multimedia services.

Founded in March 1997, Sungil Telecom is widely known as a manufacturing company for Samsung Display Information (SDI) for its CDMA manufacturing and wireless handset business.

Company vice president Mo Yeon-han said in an interview with The Korea

IT Times, "The company has built its industry wide reputation as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of wireless local loop (WLL) terminals, and as an ODM leader worldwide."

The company has won attention by developing WLL desktop phones, and wireless payphones that provides superior voice, high-speed data, broadband connectivity, digital/analog fax, and wireless application for communication.

According to Mr. Mo, Sungil Telecom's Business consists of:

  • CDMA Module Manufacturing for Samsung Display Information
  • Wi-Fi and VoIP Handset Manufacturing for Hitachi
  • CDMA Fixed Wireless Phone and Terminal Research and Development
  • CDMA Hybrid Subscriber Unit Research and Development
  • CDMA Payphone Manufacturing
  • Research and Development, and
  • CDMA OEM/ODM Engineering Solution Consulting.

    Mr. Mo noted, "Since 1997, trust, innovation, and integration have been the 3 key factors driving the company forward". He furthermore stressed that "human capital investments, relentless research and development into wireless connectivity, and hybrid engineering of wireless and broadband, form the company's mission in the new millennium".

    In particular, the company has gained recognition by proving its QMS system and ERP system integration in VoIP, WIFI handsets, ADSL Routers, and to Home Networks.

    High employee productivity

    Starting by supplying telephones to Samsung Electronics' telephone on an OEM basis in 1998, Sungil Telecom commenced delivering LCD modules to Samsung SDI the following year. The company recorded a turnover of 106 billion won last year and is forecasting 200 billion won for this year.

    Mr. Mo boasted of the company's high employee productivity and said that Sungil Telecom's monthly sales exceeded 20 billion won in October this year.

    As of the present, Sungil Telecom's business breaks down into two parts: terminals and LCDs for company headquarters. In the case of the LCD business, the company delivers LCDs module to Samsung SDI, and for its terminal business it supplies Seoul Mobile Telecom with home video phones and Japan's Hitachi with its 900 megatelephone.

    In regard to exports, Mr. Mo said the company plans to make inroads into South America markets such as Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Canada and Haiti. In the case of India, Sungil Telecom has completed its final test necessary for approval, but is negotiating with its partners over price problem, he said.

    However, like many another smaller companies in Korea, Sungil Telecom is facing many worries too due to the decline of the dollar against the won. Mr. Mo pointed out, "If the U.S. dollar falls below the 1,000-won level, any number of smaller companies could shutdown", adding that an appropriate exchange rate for smaller companies is 1,150 to 1,200 won.

    In that regard, the company vice president complained how that large companies slash their prices in oversea markets, so crowding out the smaller ones. For example, he stated that that one large competitor was selling a unit under $100 in India where domestic firms like Sungil Telecom sell at a price of $120 to $130.

    Rather, he said, "Large corporations should help smaller ones enter overseas market characterized by boundless potential like India", adding that it is very difficult for smaller companies to pioneer in overseas markets. Mr. Mo said, "If such dissonance between large and small firms is continued in overseas markets it will be difficult for Korea to achieve a per capital GDP of $20,000."

    Mr. Mo also warned that China is close to catching up with Korea in the mobile application market because of the outflow of technology from large domestic corporations. He also pointed out that, "There are not enough talented science and engineering graduates in Korea," and wondered whether Korea might not end up having to import talent from overseas.

    A leading company in digital wireless & LCD fusion technology

    Among Sungil Telecom's recent product releases in 2004, the SXP-800S and 1900S, and SXP-800T and 1900T raise the standards for desktop phones by have such functions as caller-ID, call-forwarding, 3-way calling, speakerphone, and superior voice quality.

    An executive of the company said, "Our phones bring our mobile wireless expertise into your fixed environment, with full-featured SMS capability."

    The SXP phone can be also used as a PC fax, for Internet surfing and hyper terminal operation. Sungil's SXP provides a rich black and white 128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD on which the user can make a personal banner and status check, using easy navigation keys.

    Another fully featured CDMA fixed wireless terminal-cellular/PCS, Sungil Telecom's SXT-800S and 1900S offers superior voice quality for home and general office use.

    Besides standard FWT features, such as PSTN/DTMF simulation and support, the SXT-S brings the IS707-A.4/A.7 compatible analog fax feature and Circuit Switched Data over RJ-11 feature, allowing the user to have the same Internet connection experience with his/her existing home modem.

    As for public call facilities, Sungil Telecom's office-fixed wireless payphone-cellular/PCS is the most basic and durable public call office payphone, using Dooran Telecom's market-tested design and features. This PCO-FWP comes with a standard coin-operated feature with a single line LCD. For easy deployment, the PCO can be placed virtually anywhere to make or receive a call through its CDMA wireless connection.

    On the subject of where the company is headed in wireless innovation, Mr. Mo emphasized, "We're aiming to become a leading company in digital wireless and LCD fusion technology under a 3-phase program that will last from now to 2010."

    Mr. Mo concluded by saying "the mission of Sungil Telecom is to provide CDMA-based voice, data and multimedia communications for the global wireless market. Sungil Telecom will relentlessly pursue the integration of technologies to achieve innovative communication solutions."

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