A Pioneer in the Era of Ubiquitous Communication
A Pioneer in the Era of Ubiquitous Communication
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Tae-In Hwang

Airmedia president & CEO

Airmedia Corporation is emerging as a power player in the telecommunication field following the launch of the company's Bus Management System (BMS) as well as its wireless security service.

Airmedia president and CEO, Tae-In Hwang Ph.D said in an interview with The Korea IT Times that the company is aiming to become an all-around communication business provider by concentrating its capacities on new projects such as intelligent-model traffic information, wireless security, remote control, mobile commerce, mobile betting, and aviation data services. Airmedia is Korea's leading wireless data communication firm, claiming some 70 percent of the domestic wireless data communication market.

Mr. Hwang stressed that: "Airmedia strives to maximize the satisfaction level of service use customers by aggressively capturing niche markets in order to gain an absolute advantage that existing mobile telephone firms can't match."

He further emphasized that Airmedia will deliver an integrated range of products such as intelligent-model traffic information services to further facilitate inter-business and inter-personnel communications on a national level.

For this purpose, the company is planning an aggressive program of investment geared toward the improvement of network quality in the interests of customer satisfaction and communication system development. The CEO said that all company executives and employees are committed enhancing customer service.

Airmedia right now is concentrating on beefing up its corporate service. By reinforcing its BMS intelligent traffic information service, that offers bus location, and information on traffic conditions Airmedia aims to improve road safety. The company plans to supply its BMS to the Korean metropolitan cities of Anyang, Ulsan, Suweon, Daegu, Busan plus Seoul that already is supplying. The company also plans to broaden its wireless security service business to address the problems faced by firms that are single-line users.

The biggest component of the company's wireless data communication services for individuals is its "Airpost" mobile securities service, which has attracted an unrivaled number of subscribers within this particular business segment. Mr. Hwang noted that as the desk terminal segment of the securities services market is reaching saturation, his goal for Airmedia is to position the company as a leading provider in the mobile section of the field.

Airmedia is also plans to launch its mobile betting service in concert with the Korea Racing Association to take advantage of opportunities presented by the introduction of the five-day workweek. Mr. Hwang said that the mobile betting business has long-term growth potential, adding that Airmedia's proposed service will relay racing information provided by the Korea Racing Association through wireless PDAs in real-time.

In addition, the company is propelling mobile commerce business that offers mobile banking, mobile lottery ticket anytime and anywhere.

Concerning the company's middle & long-term strategy, CEO Hwang concluded by saying that Airmedia is proceeding efforts to become a frontrunner of communication field in an Ubiquitous era from a long-term perspective as the company concentrates its core capacity on an intelligent-model traffic information service and remote control part etc.

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