CnC Care Releases Sliding-Type New-Concept Orthopedic Exercise Device ‘Spinease’
CnC Care Releases Sliding-Type New-Concept Orthopedic Exercise Device ‘Spinease’
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A specialized company in medical devices, CnC Care (CEO: Ki-Hoon Choi has introduced the 'Spin ease,' a slinding-type new-concept orthopedic exercise device for spine stabilization.

SPINEASE is the first product that actualized the effect of true carp exercise (exercise to straighten up by exercising the entire spine through moving the body left and right like a swimming fish), and the sliding functionality of this new-concept whole body exercise device enables prevention and pain relief of diseases related to spine, joint, and muscles.

The major functionalities of this product include spine stabilization exercise, spine segmentation exercise, spine complex exercise, carp exercise, towing exercise and such through sliding and various slopes. Also, by combining these functionalities, not only could one treat and prevent spinal diseases, but also the subjects with significantly reduced body function such as the handicapped or stroke patients may conduct rehabilitation exercises, and it can also be applied to growth boost for teenagers and posture correction exercise program.

Currently, this 'sliding whole body exercise device' has been applied for patent and has received utility model, and the product design also had 5 patent applications. Moreover, such unique advanced technology has allowed PCT application in 140 countries across the world.

Spinease can be used in the field related to medicine or health care such as physical therapy of hospitals/clinics, spine center, geriatric specialized hospital, and fitness center, and is suitable as a personal exercise device as well.

CEO Ki-Hoon Choi of CnC Care has stated "we now introduce, for the first time in the country, the whole body exercise device Spinease that spans from spine disease to height growth and physique correction for total management of spine which is very closely related to healthy life" and that "there are great expectations of patients and persons in the related industry for total exercise device Spinease that can have far more scientific programs applied in various areas." News Source: CnC Care

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