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Chung Mong Koo Chairman of Hyundai Motor Company: One of The Best Managers in 2004 Chairman Chung Mong-Koo of Hyundai Motor Company has been selected as one of the Best Managers in 2004 in its January 10 issue by BusinessWeek magazine. Few gave Chung Mong Koo much of a chance when he took the helm of South Koreas's largest carmaker, Hyundai Motor Co., in 1999. After all, in his 24 years running Hyundai's after-sales service unit, the bland son of founder Chung Ju Yung didn't express any grand vision for the auto business. Turns out, he had been trained to deliver what the company needed most: better quality.
POSCO Founder Publishes Biography Pohang - Park Tae-joon, 80, founder of POSCO, in his biography advised local firms to devote their energy to fostering manufacturing operations for sustainable growth for the Korean economy. "South Korea has grown as a world economic power from scratch in a short period of time thanks to robust manufacturing growth," honorary chairman of the world's fifth-largest steel company said in a press conference to mark the publication of his biography. "Despite rising costs and a shift to high-tech industries, Korea needs to find ways to creating more value in manufacturing rather than relocating plants overseas," he added. The book, entitled "The World's Best Steel Man Park Tae-joon," was written by novelist Lee Dae-hwan of Pohang after 8 years of research.
Top Policymaker Lee Hun-jai In the last twelve months, 2004, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance and Economy Minister Lee Hun-jai has received high marks for his role as commentator on economic affairs but low marks for his role as top policymaker. He scored high for finger pointing negative factors of the economy but low for setting clear policy direction in order to pull the economy out of unprecedented trouble. Lee expertly diverted the causes of current economic woes on external factors away from him. For example, he advised the 386-generation (those born in the 60s, struggled for the pro-democracy movement in the 80s when they were in the 30s) to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the economy. He said today the 386-generation has become the mainstream of society, occupying a significant portion of the National Assembly and key posts in corporate and public organizations. Remarks by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation
IT Forum 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark Nov. 16, 2004 BILL GATES: Good morning. It is very exciting to be here and to talk about the great advances taking place in hardware and software. Microsoft's role is to provide a software platform that allows everyone who is building applications to build far more powerful applications. It was very inspiring to hear from the doctor about the Rolltalk application and the difference it has made in his life. Stories like that remind me that we are in the most interesting field that there is. The pace of innovation is as fast today as ever; the opportunities for great advances are clearer than any in the past. First, let me talk about the hardware foundation that we build on. We have had the benefit of exponential improvement in recent decades. Moore's Law was a prediction that we would see [a] doubling in performance every two years and, in fact, the microprocessor industry has done even better than that. Performance is something that we almost take for granted at this point. Particularly in the first half of this year, as we move from 32-bit to 64-bit systems, we will have a very smooth transition, with total binary compatibility. This will provide the ability to mix 32-bit and 64-bit; a very simple recompilation for any application that you might want to run, using the full 64-bit address base.
Samsung & LG Electronics telecommunication heads go to the CES Business circles interest is being concentrated on whether Ki-Tae Lee, President, Telecommunications Network Business, Samsung Electronics, and Park Mun-hwa, LGE Telecom President will meet in the Las Vegas CES Exhibition. The two companies telecommunication heads are uniquely in terms of their rival consciousness. Thus, the two companies telecommunication head's exhibition participation itself is attracting interest from related business circles.

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