KDC Provides Total IT Analysis Management Via
KDC Provides Total IT Analysis Management Via
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Reflects users demands: aiming for 6 bil. won in sales for 2005 KDC Corporation (CEO Kim Suck-hyun), a total IT solution professional company, recently introduced a next-generation IT total management system, called the InfRangerII, to the market. KDC said that InfRangerII is a solution that improves the function of the InfRanger, which has been on the market since 2002. It is a next-generation product suitable for the rapidly changing communication environment, which reflects various users demands after passing through various field tests. The InfRangerII comprises a Network Management System (NMS), which manages network equipment, a Server Management System (SMS), which manages a system, and a NetFlow Management System, which manages traffic. These functions refer to the IT total management solution, which offers and analyzes composition, resources, bottlenecks, functions, security, and reports on all information and communication resources possessed by customers, a KDC spokesperson explained. TOAMS is a solution, that provides managers with integrity and convenience related to such IT resources as comprehensive cause analysis results, management of all systems through NetMAP, increase of convenience through My Page for managers, comparison of functions of equipment through correlation analysis by item, total management of single system for all customers equipment, and tailor-made services for customers (i.e., customizing). Through this, it places emphasis on enhancing the convenience of IT management by users. Son Chang-young, executive managing director of the IT business department of KDC, said, "KDC developed the country's first management system (TAPS in 1996) and has a great deal of experience in construction of networks in the information and communication sector. InfRangerII will prove that it is the best management solution suitable for integration of all systems now and in the future. It was developed by making the best use of KDC's strong points." KDC began business with the development of a network management solution in 1996. Since then, it has won the Prime Minister's EXPO Software award in 1997 in recognition of its high level of technological development capability. It acted as a pioneer in the domestic management solution field at the time when foreign-made products dominated the market. Following its introduction in 2000 of the Management Service Provider (MSP), which provides total server and network management, KDC put its total management system, the InfRanger, on the market for sale in 2002. At present, it supplies the product to more than 100 customers, including the National Agricultural Cooperatives Federation, Kyobo Life Insurance, Pohang University of Science and Technology, the Environmental Administration, and Korea Internet Information Center. Kim Min-chul, head of the solution business team, said, "Recently, customers have begun to place more focus on traffic management, which can grasp the impact of bottlenecks on the services used by customers. Customers are also demanding construction through logical correlation by integrating the factor management of the existing IT environment, in the dispersed environment. With only superficial management centered on simple events, we cannot diagnose the complicated problems of the IT environment." He continued, "InfRangerII was designed to optimize the customer environment by positively preventing the occurrence of problems in advance, rather than coping with them after an impediment occurred. As a result, we can manage computer resources economically through the effective management of customers and by shortening of the time necessary for restoration." He added, "We will keep investing in R&D to achieve the position as the world's biggest IT total management solution company, with our sales far exceeding those of foreign goods. We are now aiming for a turnover of 6 billion won for 2005. Considering the rising demands in the wake of continual changes in the complicated communications environment, we expect our sales to surpass the target."
"InfRangerII, the best management solution for system integration Drastically improved GUI and network management tools: public sector, IDC are target markets Q. What does InfRangerII offer that is different from your existing InfRanger product A. Compared with local products in the intra management tool market, InfRanger is not a product that can satisfy customers demands. Accordingly, KDC improved network management capability through the application of graphic user interface (GUI) and MAP, which were the most fragile parts, sharply. This allows much greater ease of use. Of note is that KDC directly developed the solution for network management through its business partner to exceed the level of service offered by other companies. Q. Would you comment on your future upgrade plans and what kind of road map you have for the development of products on a long-term basis A. Based on the functions of SMS and NMS, we plan to upgrade products after reflecting customers needs. Along with this, KDC will continuously develop new products to become a top-level company specialized in total management systems. Q. What kind of target markets do you have in mind for InfRangerII A. Firstly, KDC has a strategy to approach public institutions, which in many ways are trendsetters in the market. Along with this, KDC will actively prospect the Internet Data Center (IDC) and the larger enterprises, including LG, and the factories of other big manufacturers. We will also strive to capitalize upon our business ties with existing customers of TAPS and InfRanger. Q. Do you have a business plan for InfRangerII A: We plan to escape from the shadow of the existing InfRanger and promote the overwhelming advantages of InfRangerII to the market this year. From next year, we will bring InfRangerII to the fore of our business efforts. This responsibility will fall upon our personnel in the IT business department, led by the solution business team responsible for InfRangerII business. At the same time, we will map out a new service policy that will be a much-upgraded version of that for InfRanger service and then deliver the improved service to our customers.

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