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Watching the sunrise at the mountain temple, starting the New Year Korea National Tourism Organization has chosen watching the sunrise at the mountain temple, starting the New Year, visiting unique villages, and winter trekking in the snow as the themes for January. The destinations for each theme are Boriam Temple in Gyeongnam, Seopdari in Jucheon-myeon, Yeongwol Gangwon, and Sobaeksan Mountain National Park in Yeongju-si, Gyeongbuk. Inquiry: KNTO Planning and Coordination Team, Manager Kim Jong-Hun, Assistant Manager Kim Jeong-Hui (tel.+82-2-729-948, Snowflakes along easy mountain tracks -- Sobaeksan Mountain National Park Location: Sobaeksan Mountain National Park in Yeongju-si, Gyeongbuk Climbing Sobaeksan Mountain, a mountain of clay, is relatively easy, and can be climbed by people not yet used to strenuous mountain trekking. It is an especially good choice for those who dare not climb mountains in the winter although they wish to see the magnificent world of white snow covering the mountains. There are many tracks to climb, but in the winter the trekking course starting from the Punggi-eup intersection, passing along Peak Birobong and Peak 1 Yeonhwabong, and descending at Heebangsa Temple in Sucheol-ri is relatively safe and easy. One can visit nearby cultural sites such as Buseoksa Temple and Sosu Confucian School as well as enjoy the hot spring after the climb. Inquiry: Yeongju-si City Hall Culture and Tourism Bureau (tel.+82-54-639-6062) Sobaeksan Mountain National Park Management Office (tel.+82-54-638-6196, 6796) Seopdari Village in Yeongwol--take a bridge to the past Location : Panun-ri, Jucheon-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do Gangbyeon Village preserves the magnificent mountain scenery where the landscape of the village and the edges of many mountains come together. It also preserves the somewhat forgotten yet precious atmosphere of the old hometown many remember with nostalgia. The brushwood bridge of Panun Village in Jucheon-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do is built during early winter when the water is shallow, but is removed in the summer when water becomes deep. Go towards Yeongwol-eup, leaving behind Panun-ri, and one can visit the tomb of King Danjong and Cheongryeongpo. There are also abundant cultural and historical tourist sites including the Kim Satgat historic site and unique museums such as the near-by Book Museum and Folk Painting Museum. Prepare for the New Year and indulge in the old memories while crossing the brushwood bridge at Yeongwol, before coming back to the present. Inquiry: Yeongwol-gun Office, Culture and Tourism Bureau (tel+82-33-370-2542) Yeongwol-gun Jucheon-myeon Office (tel.+82-33-370-2708) Sunrise at a Temple in the Mountains -- Boriam Temple at Mt. Geumsan Location: Sinjeon-ri, Yidong-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam (Bokgok), Sangju-ri, Sangju-myeon (Geumsan) Boriam, situated on the peak of Mt. Geumsan in Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam, is a beautiful place where the sight of peculiar rocks and the blue South Sea can be seen in one glance. This is probably why the sunrise viewed from here gives a special impression. If you climb Mt. Geumsan in the early morning and enjoy the serenity of the winter mountain temple at Boriam, you will discover streaks of light spreading across the horizon. People naturally let out gasps of admiration when looking at the splendor of the sun rising between the islands scattered like stepping stones in the Dadohae Sea. If you wish to admire this stunning sight and watch the sunrise this year, why not visit Boriam Inquiry: Gyeongsangnam-do Namhae-gun Office, Culture and Tourism Bureau (tel.+82-55-860-3228)

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