Premium Database Protection with WareValley
Premium Database Protection with WareValley
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Chakra Package
With over 2000 corporate users and 150,000 private users using their products, WareValley is one of the fastest growing corporations in the database management and security market. Although starting off as a database consulting firm, WareValley has successfully made the transition into a firm specializing in database access control, inspection, analysis, encoding, and database development tools.


Of WareValley's products, the database security solutions are showing rapid growth in the world market, hitting a 250 percent increase in exports after expansion into Japan in 2005. WareValley started developing these software products around the time global vendors started exploiting this area as an emerging market.

Monitoring Success

The current WareValley workhorse, Chakra, is a database activity monitoring solution that monitors database systems without connecting to the actual system. By monitoring real-time database activity in the network between the DBMS and DB client, Chakra allows monitoring while creating no system load at all. Currently over 13 DBMS are being supported - the current world record. Chakra's 0 percent system load and 100 percent DB transaction logging rate allowed Warevalley the highest client reference procurement in the Asian market.

WareValley has started expanding the market for Chakra with the Japanese market, and currently there are over 100 Japanese firms utilizing Chakra for their database security. The list includes the top telecommunications firms as well as cars, finance and public organizations - firmly placing itself in the top place for the database security market in Japan.

Chairman of WareValley, Son Sam-soo
Rapid Growth in the World Market

WareValley's database security products are the main breadwinners of the firm, with five times the performance of competing global firms and complete localized products. Market coverage in Japan and Korea by WareValley products are 42 percent and 40 percent respectively, giving it the title of the most used database security software. In Taiwan where the company has recently expanded into, WareValley products are utilized by 30 percent of the market.

Over ten million in sales of package software alone have been made so far, and over 40~50 percent of sales are made through foreign exports by Warevalley. Overall, many software firms are contributing to indirect exports through the e-government project, but WareValley provides truly outstanding sales performance compared to domestic software companies through local client excavation and partnership programs. Currently WareValley has over 10 partner companies in various countries around the world, and has plans to expand this further into 30 partner companies around the world.

The Future of Warevalley

WareValley is a company made of engineers and consultants who were part of Oracle, and was able to create customer desired solutions according to a database of over 600 clients for the past 3 years. This experience and know-how allowed the successful integration of WareValley products in the domestic market, and eventually began to lead the software security industry. Over 25 percent of the staff is dedicated to quality assurance, and this combined with the never ending drive to expand into the world market to look for various solutions have been the driving force behind such products.


Chakra Diagram
WareValley aims to create not a single-hit item that would captivate the populace for mere weeks, but desires to create products that the industry constantly has a need for. "We promise to listen to each of the customer's ideas and keep striving for the next level. The brand WareValley is actually second to the actual products, and most clients are actually more aware of our products than the name of the firm itself," said Chairman Son Sam-soo.


Quality has always been the problem with overseas marketing, and the point-of-view differences between the clients have always been an issue with WareVally. Over 50 percent of experimental funding has been related to quality assurance, and a group has been newly created to support the clients with quick and accurate BA (Business Analysis).

"We have enough management and marketing, technical know-how to create partner firms that would function exactly the same as our current local businesses. We will continuously put effort to bring about focused training sessions for each partner corporations to respond the best to our customer's desires," said Son Sam-soo, the chairman of WareValley.

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