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Romania National Day at the Hotel Shilla The Embassy of Romania held a reception to commemorate the nation's National Day on Nov. 29 at the Hotel Shilla. Amb. Valeriu Arteni and Mrs. Arteni including the Embassy staffs greeted invited guests warmheartedly at the Emerald Room of the Hotel Shill, the party site. Mr. Frans Hampsink, President of EUCCK, and Amb. Istvan Torzsa of Hungary including the Seoul diplomatic corps as well as people from all walks of life came to the National Day function to offer congratulations and the Embassy of Romania prepared the country's special cuisines. The Arab Night fever fascinates Korean guests The Arab Night event was held under the joint auspices of several Arab Embassies in Seoul such as the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the Embassy of the Republic of Lebanon, and the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia on Nov. 29 at the Hotel Shilla. Those attending were able to appreciate various dances and cultural peculia features of diverse Arab countries including special cuisines. ENERTOPIA Korea launching ceremony ENERTOPIA Korea, a subsidiary of French ENERTOPIA Group (Energie & Environment), was established recently in Seoul. The company is doing business in the fields of energy, environment, space/aerospace field export as well as project consulting. More informations is available at (82-2)561-5697 High Speed Rail International Cooperation Symposium The High Speed Rail International Cooperation and Korea High Speed Rail's Vision Seminar was held on Nov. 23-Nov. 24 at the COEX under the auspices of The Korea Railroad Research Institute. Participans said that government support, including commercial diplomacy and project financing is vital to achieving international high-speed rail cooperation.
The Foreign Company Day 2004 Foreign Company Day 2004 was held on Dec. 15 at the Grand Intercontinental. It can be said that foreign companies operating in Korea serve as a foundation supporting the Korean economy and are indeed true patriots of the country. Of particular note, in October last year the accumulated amount of reported foreign direct investment broke through the $100 billion mark for the first time since 1962 when the first foreign investment was introduced into Korea, Chairman JaeHee Lee of Korea Foreign Company Association said.
Oman publicizes its culture & natural history The Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman held a commemorating reception to fete the nation's National Day on Nov. 22 at the Grand Hyatt. Amb. Hamdan Al Taee invited The Middle East Ambassadors in large numbers to the party, including the Seoul diplomatic corps. The Embassy publicized Oman's diverse features through screen and books on Oman's nature and culture. Korea-Japan relations boosted one notch higher The Embassy of Japan held a function to congratulate the Birthday of the Emperor on Dec. 7 at the Hotel Shilla. The Japanese people in Seoul and the Seoul diplomatic corps attended the reception in large numbers and Amb. Toshiyuki Takano and Mrs. Takano expressed their hopes to promote Korea-Japan relations one notch higher through this function. Costaria Plaza opens The Costarica Plaza opened on Dec. 16 within the Sangam building site. Along with "The Latin America Park" opened in the vicinity of the Grand Hyatt Hotel at past October, 2004, this Plaza is expected to contribute to promoting friendship between Korea and Central and South America nations.

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