Something Good to Look At
Something Good to Look At
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If you want to truly feast your eyes this year, there is one place where you simply must go. The 11th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) will be held from October 11 through 15 at KINTEX in Korea. If there's one thing that an information display convention can do, it is display information accurately.  The exhibition will be beautiful and provide the best opportunity for exhibitors in the world to reach the large and diverse audience of the information display industry. Last year 365 booths were exhibited by 101 companies and over 55,000 people visited the booths to find state-of-the-art information on the latest developments in information displays such as LCDs, PDPs, OLEDs, flexible displays, 3D displays, display processing, display processing equipment, materials, and components.


Tutorial on Latest Technologies


President of the KIDS, Kwon Oh-Kyong

"This year's IMID will provide an expanded Tutorial & Workshop. In contrast to last year's IMID in which T&W operated only for half a day, this year T&W will last of Tuesday the 11th. This year's T&W will offer the basics to in-depth analysis of the newest trends in four different fields outlined below," Kwon Oh-Kyong, president of the KIDS said.

Experts from Korea and Japan will introduce the currently developed holography technology that is considered the next 3D display technology since the widely-used glasses method. There will also be a tutorial about the global standardization of 3D display.

OLED Lighting, being very thin and having a surface light source, can be shaped in many forms, and expresses a very soft, sensitive light. It is being actively researched among OLED technologies. Korean experts will have a tutorial about materials technology, outcoupling, and standardization status about OLED Lighting.

AMOLED is now getting ready to advance into the TV industry. In this year's workshop, experts form Korea will introduce the current trends of the development of AMOLED TV, pixel pattern technology, and 3D AMOLED.

"The highlight of this year's T&W will be about the overall introduction of metallic oxide semiconductor thin film transistors, which has been the focus of research for the past 5~6 years for both the academic and industrial world, and the stability technology it must secure to replace the former silicon thin film transistor and be adapted to display products. 3 of the world's top level practical experts of the field, Dr. Lee Je-Hun of Samsung Electronics, Dr. Ko Park Sang-Hee of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, and Professor Jung Jae-Kyeong from Inha University will take the floor," said Dr. Kwon.


Incentives for Foreign Participation


LG Display at IMID 2010

"The organizing committee of IMID 2011 has worked very hard to increase the number of foreign research papers. The newly created Student Travel Grants will allow foreign students an opportunity to participate in IMID by providing at most $500 USD to 14 students from 7 countries (US, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, etc). The efforts of the committee had paid off, as the number of research papers that had been submitted were at a similar volume as last year (an estimated 450), despite the fact of the recent difficult market situation of the display industry, and the ratio for foreign research papers, has increased to 41%, a 7% increase from last year's 34%, strengthening its position as an international scholarship meeting," President Kwon explained.


IMID 2011 will also provide research paper announcements on new topics that were unavailable last year. The topics will be Field Emission Display (FED) on October 12th, MEMS and Emerging Technology on the 13th, and Projection and Public Display on the 14th. Speakers from the Korean industry, world-class academicians, and many others will be invited.


It is safe to say that the IMID Awards has the largest scale in Korea, and this year has also proven its point via the high competition rate. The IMID Awards offer a prize from 1 million to 6 million won (US$858 - 5,148), and this year they are giving awards to the fundamental technology field. The awards range from the Excellent Poster Award, KIDS Awards (Sponsored by LG Display and Samsung Electronics), Merck Young Scientists Awards, Merck Awards, and the Minister of Education, Science, and Technology (Republic of Korea). Applicants for the awards went through 3 rounds of strict screening and finally 10 research papers from both Korea and abroad were chosen. The KIDS Awards will be awarded on the 2nd day of Display (Tuesday October 4th, JW Marriott hotel), the Merck Grand Awards and Minister of Education, Science, and Technology (Republic of Korea) will be awarded on the banquet ceremony of IMID 2011 (Thursday October 13th, Grand Hilton Seoul), and Outstanding Poster Paper Award will be given on the post sessions the same day (afternoons of October 13th and 14th). The Korea IT Times has included a brief introduction of two of the most exciting research papers that will be awarded below.


 Merck Grand Awards winning Research Paper from IMID 2011


"Drain Bias Induced Instability Characteristics in Oxide Thin Film Transistors"

Shinhuk Yang, Jun Yong Bak(ETRI, Korea), Sung-Min Yoon (Kyung Hee Univ, Korea), Min Ki Ryu, Himchan Oh, Chi-sun Hwang, Sang-HEE Ko Park (ETRI, Korea), and Jin Jang (Kyung Hee Univ, Korea)


LG ultra-high resolution AH-IPS displays

Oxide Thin Film Transistors are usually used as switches, so many studies were made on the stability issues if the gate bias was to be approved, but there is still an insufficient amount of research made on the drain bias. There are no particular amount of changed when the under 20v drain bias is used, but over 20v drain bias are approved when thin film transistors are used as not only as a switch but also a circuit, and this research paper is the first to systematically analyze about that problem.


Merck Grand Awards winning research paper from IMID 2011

"Direct Switching between Planar and Focal Conic States of a Bistable Dual Frequency Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Light Shutter"

Pankaj Kumar, Suck Jae Shin, Myong-Hoon Lee, Seung Hee Lee, and Shin-Woong Kang (Chonbuk Nat'l Univ., Korea)


Cholesteric liquid crystal has a high penetration ratio and bistable characteristics, so it will be highly usable as a reflective display element in low-powered devices such as e-books. But when the planar texture is used in a bright state, it is very difficult to realize the color display. This research paper lengthens the pitch of the same liquid crystal and uses the planar texture in a dark state; in return using the focal conic texture in a bright state, it is easy to realize color and low-power. This report shows that by using a dual frequency liquid crystal it is possible to lower required power by not going through the high-power required homeotropic state.


Business Forum Enters 5th Year


On October 13th a Business Forum (Sponsored by DisplaySearch) will also be held. This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Business Forum, and many participants are interested in the forum as it has always provided current events on certain fields of display. This year the program consists of IT Applications, TV Market, Emerging Technology, and AMOLED.

Also this year, the location where IMID was traditionally held had many ceremonies in October, so the meeting is to be held in the newly completed 2nd exhibition center in KINTEX. With the newest facilities, a spacious location, and independent space, participants will be able to enjoy the convenience and concentrate on the meeting.

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