Toward a Northeast Asian Era of Peace and Prosperity
Toward a Northeast Asian Era of Peace and Prosperity
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Korea: the prime mover in promoting closer regional integration An open-hearted regional community of nations greatly needed How President Roh Peace & Prosperity Drive Will Benefit All NE Asians President Roh Moo-hyun has regarded Northeast Asian peace and prosperity as the paramount goals of his administration. Specifically, the President has attracted the attention of the world press by emphasizing that he wishes to promote peace and prosperity on the peninsula on every occasion possible during his state visits to Britain and France last month. In Paris on Dec. 6, President Roh stressed in his speech entitled urope and Northeast Asia, that orea is determined to take the lead in promoting peace on the Korean peninsula and is prepared to commit all necessary efforts to this end. He further said that for South Korea, aintaining peace was not simply a matter of avoiding danger but rather an effort for active reconciliation with North Korea in order to begin a new chapter in the history of Northeast Asia. In a speech to 250 academics and students held at the University of Sorbonne, President Roh pointed out, he Korean people have been attacked by foreign powers some 900 times since the dawn of history, but never once did we invade a neighboring country. Imperialist Japan, on the other hand, launched a war of aggression. With the result today, the country cannot overcome the distrust from its neighboring nations of Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, the President said. By the same token, President Roh said that surrounding nations feel similarly uneasy when China talks of taking the leadership of Northeast Asia. In that regard, the president said he felt that Korea had a definite role to play and received tumultuous applause when he said Korea has the energy and the will to carry out such a role. He said that numerous countries had become independent since the Second World War but very few could claim, as Korea could, to have built such brilliant accomplishments in terms of economic development and democracy on the ruins of so devastating conflict as the Korean War. On the subject of Northeast Asian regional integration, President Roh said he wished to emulate the example of the European Union, and praised France for its forgiveness of Germany and commented that in so doing, France had won the right to exert moral leadership of the EU. President Roh said that today world needs to forge a new paradigm in the interests of peace and coexistence, and in this context an open-hearted regional integration body like EU is replete with examples. Furthermore, the president praised the EU as a symbol of peace, coexistence, reconciliation and cooperation. President Roh Participatory Government has been consistently advocating an open-hearted approach to regional integration and in his peace offensive rest the seeds of future greatness in this part of the world. Let us hope that the spirit of reconciliation as promoted by President Roh will lead to the creation of a structure in Northeast Asia that is capable of providing stability, prosperity, well-being and hope for all its peoples as the one our European brothers and sisters have so admirably achieved.

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