Taking Big Leap for LED Displays
Taking Big Leap for LED Displays
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For today's marketplace where creative minds and new ideas are no longer pervasive, a big question mark is raised about whether or not the sky is really the limit. But for those who see it as a  glass half full, it could be just a temporary hiatus for a big leap which later we will praise as a breakthrough. This is especially true for many ambitious start-up companies. Among them is one venture company that is preparing for the future with various ideas and technology, and there has been no sign of pause or end in sight for its steady growth in the LED business. Their sky may dissipate the question mark hanging around it.

Jinyoung's LED Items

Jinyoung's LED board Integrated Management System has the latest technology that can control a number of LED boards installed at every street corner partly or wholly or in separate groups, and it also enables multiple users to share an LED board together.  As the Public Procurement Service's best item, the system has been chosen for the Ansan U-city project and Seocho district in South Korea.

Full-Color LED boards for PCs and Remotes is Jinyoung's major item. It has combined the advantages of both remote-type and PC-type LED boards. CEO Mr. Jin Gil-cha adds, "Remote-type offers easy control with a remote, but it is mainly about text-based display. PC-type needs a specific place as it always has to stay connected with a PC despite of many edit programs that can embed images or moving pictures." He continued, "And to address these issues, we decided to develop and introduce Full-Color LED board for PC/Remote."

The life span of LED board products is relatively short due to the nonstop nature of technology advancement, and competition in the industry introduces similar products, one after the other. But Jinyoung's Full Color LED board for PC/Remote has not seen any competitors arising here or overseas for the past three years, which speaks for the superior quality of Jinyoung's own technology.

Marketability is On The Rise

The company is now preparing to take the second big leap. Besides LED board, they are crouching to jump into the other close areas like LED signs, LED channel signs, LED public installations and what not. Mr. Cha explained, "The market is exponentially expanding as the emphasis has been placed on the facts that LED has long durability and is environmentally-friendly. Even the government entitles it as the next generation's new growth business and sets up relevant policies for saving energy and the environment. Its marketability is on the rise... Jinyoung is determined to put more efforts into developing LED technology so that we can be the pronoun for LED applications from LED boards to LED lights." For more information, you can visit www.meganet.co.kr.

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