Daum Establishes Advanced Business Management Process Infrastructure
Daum Establishes Advanced Business Management Process Infrastructure
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- Proceeds with enterprise-wide process innovation and ERP projects in cooperation with IBM BCS - Able to share and analyze enterprise-wide business status - Aims to enhance corporate competitiveness and secure global growth engine
Daum Communication, a leading internal portal company announced that it will proceed with a process innovation and ERP projects with IBM BCS in order to improve and innovate current enterprise-wide business management process. This project aims to re-establish business management process on a corporate-wide level as a strategy to respond to fierce competition in the local portal industry as well as intensify overseas growth presence. This project includes current business process analysis, focus innovation agenda identification, management process build-up and ERP installation supporting efficient process operations. Nexerve, a local SI company is to cooperate with IBM BCS. Daum expects that it will be able to share enterprise-wide information on real-time which further allows management to carry out a more effective decision making process and analyze business performance details in a more accurate manner in management accounting. In addition, Daum will be able to manage the biggest corporate asset, human resources more efficiently to further intensify corporate competitiveness. Daum plans to expand this project to affiliate companies and overseas branches. HyunYoung Kim, vice president of Daum said, "We have decided to proceed on this project as we have concluded that promoting efficiency of internal business management operation with investments is the most important task at hand to secure a solid growth foothold in the local saturated portal market. With this project as a cornerstone, Daum will try as much as possible to become a leading portal company with unparalleled competitiveness in the local and overseas market." SungYoul Lee, managing partner of IBM BCS said, "With differentiated capabilities gained from various PI/ERP projects and customer-oriented resilient minds, IBM BCS will do the best to make this project a success and position ourselves as a trusted 'value partner' of Daum." Industrial experts expect Daum's process innovation and ERP projects propel other portal companies' investment into business management area.

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