KES 2011 - VINYL I, World's First Transparent Interactive Display
KES 2011 - VINYL I, World's First Transparent Interactive Display
  • Kim Jung-hu
  • 승인 2011.10.12 23:31
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The world’s first interactive transparent display is revealed by VINYL I

VINYL I introduced Translook, a transparent display device which is as clear as glass and has an excellent penetration ration and color display, in their booth. 

A representative from VINYL said that the interactive transparent display, Translook, shows the real product and related information in a glance.

He also said that Translook has great advertising effects as it uses a touchscreen; allowing anybody to enjoy their experience of the brand easily and actively.

Characteristics of Translook

  • Displays high definition Full HD videos without distortion with its superior penetration ratio and color display
  • An easy to use interface and sensitive touch
  • Supports network between other Translooks

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