KES 2011 Household Appliances got Smarter to Save Mom's Time
KES 2011 Household Appliances got Smarter to Save Mom's Time
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October 13th, 2011 -- The Korea Electronic Show 2011 (KES 2011), is held at KINTEX from Oct. 12~16. The theme of this year's event is "Be smArt!" emphasizing smart electronics and appliances with unique design. This year's "smArt!" theme dose not just apply to computers and electronics but house appliances. Samsung and LG introduced several household appliances with smart features that will make easier and more convenient to do houseworks. For today's busy life style, these new smart household appliances will save more time for many people.  The new technology allows people to control and monitor household appliances from wherever they are. KES 2011 suggests ubiquitous house environment is right around the corner.

Samsung 860-liter Smart Side-by-side Refrigerator

Samsung displayed the new smart refrigerator at KES 2011. 860 liter in size is the biggest in Korean market offering more storage for food and beverages. The new feature is the smartphone analysis system. When the analysis button on the refrigerator is pressed, it automatically analyze the system. If a problem is detected, it displays a specific code on the screen that can be scanned using the smartphone app, "Samsung smart care". Then, the smartphone can transfer the data to Samsung service center and the problem can be quickly resolved.

Samsung Smart Washing Machine 1
Samsung Smart Washing Machine 2

Samsung's smartphone analysis feature does not just apply to refrigerator but washing machine. The "Samsung smart care" app can be used in both refrigerator and washing machine. The smart care system will be available on more household appliances. However, the new washing machine is not just about smartphone analysis feature. Samsung calls it Bubble-shot washing that creates twice the bubbles and penetration for cleaner washing.  The washing machine also dramatically reduced the washing time and electricity use.

Samsung Cleaning Robot

The cleaning robot is probably on most mom's wish list. It sweeps and mops the floor even when no one is in the house. While cleaning robot has become smarter, Samsung launched the new cleaning robot with dual CPU for faster cleaning. The cleaning time is 20% faster than predecessor and it is only 79mm thick, slimmest in the world. The robot can go under a bed, sofa or hard to reach places without a problem. Several sensors including camera, location, safe and active sensors makes more efficient and safe that most mom will enjoy.

Samsung 2,030 pixel Mirrorless Camera

Mirror-less camera has been the trend in camera industry for last few years because it offers good quality pictures in a compact body. Except Canon, most camera manufactures offer mirror-less cameras and the competition is growing. Samsung recently launched the 2,030-pixel mirror-less camera named NX200 and displayed in KES 2011 for visitor's experience. Compared to predecessor, NX100, the camera has become slimmer and the new APS-C CMOS sensor offer larger and higher ISO pictures. With wider range of NX lens, Samsung shows great improvement in mirror-less camera to compete against global leaders.

Similar to Samsung's smart care system, LG offers 'Smart ThinQ' for its household appliances, such as refrigerator, washing machine, oven, and more. In case when a problem occurs, the appliance makes sound that can be scanned using a smartphone. Each appliance has its own app. For oven, a recipe can be downloaded and control the oven using the smartphone app.  The app allows users to monitor and control appliances for more convenience and time saving.

LG Smart Oven
LG Smart Web Ordering System

LG's new refrigerator has the "Smart ThinQ" system that allows to monitor and control using a smartphone. In addition to that, the refrigerator has 10.1 inch LCD panel on the left door. As well as showing the status of refrigerator, it shows what in the refrigerator and its expiration date, so it is easy to manage the food inside. The data can be transferred to a smartphone. Also, the refrigerator has a web ordering system connected to E-mart. Instead of using a computer or smartphone, food can be directly ordered from the refrigerator while checking what is in the refrigerator.

LG Smart Washing Machine

Washing machine cannot be left out without the "Smart ThnQ" system. Using its smartphone app, the washing machine can be monitored and controlled even when you are outside. There are less things to control on refrigerator, but washing machine requires more control. Before you get home, dirty clothes can be cleaned and ready for folding. Using "Speed wash" feature, washing can be done in 29 minutes.

Smart features are not just for computers anymore. Household appliances are also becoming smarter to make houseworks easier and more convenient. From new products from KES 2011 shows that house appliances are not stand alone items anymore. They are connected to smartphone for analysis and control. We will see more of interconnection between house appliances and home network. The development of house appliance technology will save time and energy for more family time.

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