KES 2011-Keeping Smart on the Move
KES 2011-Keeping Smart on the Move
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Many visitors enjoy LG 3D Smart TV at LG booth
KES 2011, Korea October 14th-- Jack woke up to the sound of his smartwatch in the morning. It was his boss and he wanted the files for the meeting now. Jack sent the files through his watch and checked the time. It was still only 6:30 in the morning, with plenty of time left time to get ready for work. He got out of bed and checked his wardrobe. There were no clothes suitable for the sudden weather change. He made a note to buy some winter clothes and go see the doctor.

During breakfast with his family, he noticed that his son was going to be alone at home today. His wife had a very important appointment, but it was a school holiday. Although his wife seemed to be worried about leaving their 6 year old son all alone, Jack told her not to worry, as he could check on their son through the home network system at work. His wife relaxed a bit and as she began to get ready for her appointment, Jack headed off to work.

In the morning, Jack attended a meeting. It was a daily meeting, and the presenter had forgotten to bring the hard copies of the presentation. Everybody muttered and pulled out their smartphones and started up their office applications. Through the office applications, the members could read the files and make memos on them, just as if they had hard copies. After the meeting, Jack recorded the results onto his very own business application. It was an application Jack had made by himself by m-Bizmaker, and it took only a few days to develop it. It still had a few flaws here and there, but Jack had uploaded the app onto the app store and was hoping that other people would find it as useful as it was to him.

After lunch, Jack checked on his son. Using the home network system, Jack could log onto the CCTVs that were inside his house and see what his son was doing. He was a bit alarmed when he couldn't find his son in his room. He then searched the living room and found his son playing video games on television. Jack went through the records and found out that his son had not eaten lunch and that his wife had not turned off the gas. Using the home network system Jack turned off the gas, he then called his son to eat lunch and do his homework.

Remembering that he had to buy some winter clothes, Jack went to the virtual avatar clothing website. He had seen his wife use it, and it looked very convenient. Since it was Jack's first time, Jack had to create his avatar. After tinkering with the tools, Jack managed to make an avatar that had the same figure and hairstyle as himself. The website automatically began to recommend some apparel that would fit his style. After browsing through the recommendations, Jack finally found a coat that he liked and he tried it on his avatar. It looked just like him wearing the coat, but Jack thought the color was too bright. He changed the coat's color to black, and he immediately liked it. Jack paid for the coat on the spot, and arranged to have it delivered tomorrow.

After a long day of work, Jack realized that he had forgotten about going to the doctor. He checked the time. Although it was still operating hours, he was sure by the time he got to the hospital it would be closed. He decided to use the hospital's teleconsulting program. He logged onto his computer and made an appointment with the otolaryngologist. The otolaryngologist asked him about his symptoms and checked Jack's body temperature, nose, and mouth. He then said that Jack had a common cold and all he needed was warm water and some rest. But Jack insisted on getting some medicine, so the doctor wrote an online prescription, which Jack printed out and used at the pharmacy. After taking the medicine and some warm water, Jack took a shower and retreated into a good night's sleep.

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