Hynix Ready, Come New Year with 20 nano DRAM
Hynix Ready, Come New Year with 20 nano DRAM
  • Chun Go-eun
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CEO of Hynix, Kwon Oh-chul

CEO of Hynix, Kwon Oh-chul, was present at the opening ceremony of Korea Electronics Show 2011 (KES 2011). At a press meeting the first day, "A slowdown of the current market will recover soon once we start manufacturing 20- nano DRAM in the beginning of the next year.

"We all know by now that the first half of a year is traditionally weaker than the second half. Even China, the biggest smart phone and IT supplier in the world, faced economic recession in the first half of 2011 as well. In spite of all, we believe that there soon will be a growing demand for 30- nano memory, and we are ready for a dramatic increase of supply and demand. Both 20- nano technology and NAND Flash will be expanding their business next year."

"The memory market is currently a battleground between three main players, the US, Japan, and Korea. IT is more like a fight between IT developed nations. We are currently preparing to go full sail ahead. The 30 Nano technology required a lot of technical changes, which delayed the start for a while. However, mass production and yield rate is currently the best high technology Hynix had for years," said CEO Kwon.

CEO Kwon said Hynix is looking to expand into the mobile market as well. 'NAND specifically targets mobiles, smart phones, and smart IT. Around 25 percent of investments for NAND market go into mobile target markets such as smart phones. DRAM's mobile market is around 20 percent, and this will grow soon. Currently PC quality software is 30, while premium products account for 70 percent. Around 20 percent of 100 percent investments were made into the mobile market.

Currently the cloud computing environment is allowing us to meet demands for server RAM. Lastly our graphics RAM is probably the best in the world." We would love to increase our investments in NAND Flash although it is only 10 percent of market share. We will keep on investing every year, because we believe that it has a great potential to grow. Initially, we put investment in DRAM by ourselves, in order to raise this to middle level. I believe that as economic conditions improve, the investment will increase, and it will promote the growth of the market."

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