The Only Company with Experience in Developing DAB
The Only Company with Experience in Developing DAB
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Il-Keun Park, CEO and president of Personal Telecom. Inc.
With professionalism and pride, leading digital multimedia solution provider Perstel (Personal Telecom) Inc. is poised to capture the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) solution market on the basis of the company's accumulated experience as well as expertise that has produced outstanding portable digital radio systems since 1996. The company has especially distinguished itself with its DAB Digital Radio receiver. With the launch of DMB business just two or three months away this year, the company is exhibiting strong confidence in the future of the business because Personal Telecom can provide customized and standard DMB solutions to leverage its competitive technology. In an interview with The Korea IT Times, Il-Keun Park, CEO and president of Personal Telecom. Inc. stressed first and foremost the company's overreaching technological capability in the field of DMB receivers. Among dozens of DMB solution providers, the CEO says Perstel is the only company that has developed, manufactured and marketed a comprehensive line of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) products. He commented that Perstel could capture over 20% of the DMB receiver market by capitalizing on such achievements, adding the company also supplies DMB modules to large corporations together with its flagship DMB receiver. The company aims to achieve revenues of 10 billion won (approx. $9.75 million) this year through its DMB business alone out of a total revenue goal of 24 billion won (approx. $23.41 million). Mr. Park, however, has committed himself to boosting the contribution of the DMB business within the company's entire revenue to over 60% of the total by 2006 and over 80% by 2007. Extremely compact
Perstel's DMB receiver is extremely compact, Mr. Park emphasized. Furthermore, through most of its history Perstel has been dedicated to realizing the possibilities of digital technology. Company CEO Mr. Park said, "Perstel invested twice many resources into digital multimedia products' development and marketing as what it could". As a result, Perstel has become one of the best known brands in the entire European Union by introducing the world's first portable DAB digital radios. From the pioneer days of the company's establishment, Perstel has, in fact, introduced a variety range of digital multimedia/broadcasting products since 1996. Thus, Perstel, as the leading innovator, offers products with features never seen before. He adds that Perstel is open to providing standardized and customized DMB solutions that are the best throughout the entire industry. Specifically, the CEO once again underlined Perstel's accumulated technology as well as its manufacturing expertise in the field of DAB, mentioning he is confident the company would make DMB receivers of extremely high quality on the basis of its production experience in DAB. He said that Perstel's manufacturing experience in DAB could be of great advantage, explaining the basic concept of DMB is to provide a high-resolution broadcasting service while on the move. To put it into a nutshell, DMB upgrades the concept of radio broadcasting from 'Listening Media' to 'Watching and Listening Media', providing original features such as CD-quality music broadcasting, along with a variety of multimedia information including news, traffic, weather, geographic position and videos using either texts or graphics.
Furthermore, the CEO reveals Perstel intends to achieve a listing on the KOSDAQ with a view to raising funds to expand its operations by 2007 in the expectation that the DBM business, domestically and globally, will go well in 2006 and 2007. Bright outlook for the DMB business Mr. Park said he believes DBM will become widely diffused due to the government's promotional activities as well as marketing efforts by large corporations such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. DAB has not achieved wide diffusion due to the absence of a significant marketing effort by the large corporations as a well as a general lack of awareness on their part about the merits of DAB, he added.

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