, the New 'Interest Network', the New 'Interest Network'
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.10.18 23:23
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Minnesota, USA -October 18, 2011 - Is there room for another social network Ubermedia, who debuts a network today called, says "no"; it describes itself as an 'interest network' and it puts the users in control. Many proclaim it as a mix between Twitter, Facebook, and a blog; however, Ubermedia digs deeper than the typical 'social networking' and focuses on interest content instead of making connections. Critics proclaim it as a 'Twitter' look-a-like, but Twitter is more focused on real-time events and not as much on real 'interests'. On top of this, is targeting companies and individuals with its unique advertising arrangements that could hopefully connect its users with the right people and content.


As wonderful as Twitter may be -depending on how many connections you have - there is an abundance of information; however, there is no filter to sift through particular information that interests you. You may subscribe to a particular page, but you do not want to see every post; after all, companies and individuals often post a variety of information and it does not only pertain to the one topic of your choice. allows its users to get its 'newsfeed' to weed out what the users do not want to see and show what they want; it is not necessarily feeding content based on 'time' but on preference and relevance -all social networks are losing the grasp of this concept. offers an advertising deal that could benefit companies and individuals more than they would with Facebook or any other social networking site; depending on the users' preferences, they can either sell the ads by themselves -keep 100% of the profit - or will sell the ads and split the revenue 50/50. For those who did not run ads before, this is the type of deal that they would probably expect; yet, social networks such as Facebook do not share it and companies are dependent on individuals for going directly to their sites in order to generate a profit from ads. could be like a 'partner' to many companies and generate a lot of attention.

If becomes as successful as expected, people may start turning to it to meet needs for their daily lives instead of running to Google Search right away; we should expect reviews of companies, products, and more, which users can fully trust instead of looking at the rank of a page and making decisions based on that.

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