Advent of Digital Broadcasting Era Looks Set to Pay Big Benefits
Advent of Digital Broadcasting Era Looks Set to Pay Big Benefits
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Kim Jong-mun, president of Elcomtech
Elcomtech Co., Ltd. has successfully commercialized technologies developed jointly with the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in preparation for the era of digital broadcasting. Due to its special characteristics, digital broadcasting requires time-consuming development of related equipment and their impeccable field testing as it is necessary to secure original technologies along with the deep understanding of the broadcasting environment. Through its joint developments with ETRI over the past 15 years, Elcomtech has formulated most of the original technologies needed for digital broadcasting and telecommunications. "We have developed and commercialized many application products, including MPEG-2 ReMultiplexers, scramblers, Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) converters and generators, PSIP distributors and others, for use with CATV and core equipment. This includes DMB Ensemble ReMultiplexer, Ensemble Transport Interface (ETI) signal analyzer, and DMB splicer for the terrestrial DMB", said Kim Jong-mun, president of Elcomtech. Among the products for use with terrestrial DMB, the DMB splicer, in particular, is item of equipment that must be embraced by regional broadcasters in order for functions such as the insertion of news and ads on the screen to be possible. "Elcomtech has been continuously developing core equipment for next-generation technologies. This includes data broadcasting server, terminal and water marking device. In connection with the Korean-made Conditional Access System (CAS) chips of ETRI, especially, we have been exerting all our efforts to provide all hardware solutions needed to transform CATV into a digital service in Korea and diverse applications and services based on this", said Kim. In 2004, Elcomtech had proceeded with thorough in-the-field verification for the optimal and commercial operation of products it had developed utilizing the technology jointly developed with ETRI for the digital service of CATV and ground wave DMB. In preparation for the introduction of digital CATV service this year, Elcomtech has completed various field tests on its products for their optimal usage in Korea together with Chungcheong Media Broadcasting (CMB) in Daejeon City, located 160 kilometers south of Seoul. President of Elcomtech Mr. Kim said, "We plan to make related products in packages and supply them to service operators before May this year for the introduction of digital CATV. Also, the Korean Cable TV Association (KCTA) Exhibition commemorating the 10th anniversary of CATV services in Korea is scheduled to be held in Jeju Island in June this year. Here, we plan to introduce package solutions so that individual CATV service operators can secure tested solutions at cheaper prices compared to those that are imported".
DMB Ensemble ReMultiplexer
He added, "For the smooth introduction and wide reception of digital broadcasting service in Korea, it is necessary to set up cooperative relations among the three key players of digital broadcasting: CATV service operators, contents providers and Technical Service Providers (TSPs) who can develop different types of hardware and value-added services based on interactive TVs. Moreover, the policy support and cooperation by related organizations, including the Korean Cable TV Association (KCTA), the Korean Broadcasting Commission (KBC) and the Ministry of Information and Communication, are essential". "In the cases of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) and DMB," Mr. Kim continued, "new markets must be developed and expanded whereas a tested market has already been secured through CATV service with some 15 million subscribers. Furthermore, the countries in the American continent and South Asia that have and will convert to digital broadcasting are important markets, too. Especially, the task of localizing solutions is a very important and urgent issue as the development of additional services are wholly dependent on the initial solutions. In short, priority should be given to the localizing of solutions for the introduction and diffusion of digital CATV as it possesses the optimal environment for Broadband Communication Network (BcN)". Accordingly, he added, "for both digital CATV and terrestrial DMB, it will be possible to construct a business structure wherein subscribers, broadcasting operators and content providers as well as system developers can all win through the commercial operation of certain value-added services based on the stable adoption of locally developed solutions. Through this, the government can expect positive impacts upon industrial production and development as a result of the activities of industry players in both the domestic and overseas digital TV markets".

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