KES 2011: Foreign Buyers Seek for Real Talk
KES 2011: Foreign Buyers Seek for Real Talk
  • Chun Go-eun
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Vice President of KEA, Jeon Sang-hun (front right), is holding a meeting with a VIP guest from China.

Vice President of the Korea Electronics Association, Jeon Sang-hun, held meetings after meeting at KES 2011 with visitors from all over the world. At a brief interview on the show floor he noted different interests from different groups. "The majority of the people were interested in the shift in the Korean IT market. Many were questioning how Korea's current IT trend was changing, but I was also asked many times to explain what kind of marketplace the KES is becoming. As you can see at this exhibition, the Korean market is tuned to "smartization". Smartization means that any service is delivered easy, fast, and accurate. The focus is now on the consumers receiving fast information with high- performance gadgets."


Mr. Jeon pointed out many high-end 3D products at the KES 2011. "The fact that 3D is emphasized this year means that there have been some shifts and changes, but not big ones. Efforts are underway to apply 3D technology in home appliances. This will develop new devices, services, and content in the near future," he continued, "LTE technology also shows the shift of the market. LTE allows people to transfer data, send and receive video files, and move information around more smoothly without blockage or stopping. Many ideas and products like these are emerging. I believe this is the current trend in the IT industry."


Since the Korea Electronics Show plays a vital role in the marketplace, many saw the exhibition as a test for the latest IT technology in Korea. "Koreans adapt new technology very rapidly so even though the population is not very big, the country functions as an important test population where you can distinguish the potential market of the new products. Our exhibition annually portrays the blueprint for the near future. This is the type of marketplace the KES is becoming," Mr. Jeon said.


KES 2011 this year exhibited advanced software. "Many view software as one of Korean IT's weaknesses. Software related content and components are weak, indeed. So this year, we selected a part of the display hall to showcase the government funded software developments and applications. But noting that the major problem in the current software industry is man power, we are holding a Job Fair for small and medium sized companies as well as the big firms to easily interact with future brain power."


A meeting with global Russian buyers

"Buyers meetings are held at the exhibition hall as well, for the benefit of foreign companies that are trying to find a way into the Korean market. I hope many firms are using our consulting program to find companies to do business with. Korean components and products are noted as being reliable and gaining global consciousness every day.  We also need to bring more of our SME companies to the overseas trade shows. For example, Delta Group visited from Russia this year. This is significant because Russia is one of our biggest potential business partners. We have been putting effort into expanding the areas of participation in the foreign trade shows already. That effort will never stop," he said.


Taiyo Yuden, business association members from Shenzen, and many more global corporations and associations attended KES 2011 with a determination to introduce their products as well as to learn the Korean high-end products. Russian visitors from the Broker Forum were eager to make a strong business relationship with Korean SMEs as well through this exhibition. With lots of requests and business blooming, KES 2011 waters the IT garden till it showcases again next year.


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