Manage Your Database with TIBERO
Manage Your Database with TIBERO
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Moon Jin-il, CEO of TIBERO

SEOUL, KOREA — With the development of the Internet and the computer, information is flooding into our lives. A must have skill nowadays is managing the data and knowing how to find the precise pieces of information we are looking for. TIBERO is the one and only company in Korea that specializes in research developing the core technology that manages and utilizes data; the most elementary unit in information.


History of TIBERO ltd

TIBERO( first started as a separate corporation in May 2003, with the DBMS (Database Management System) development personnel from TmaxSoft('s R&D center being the main members. Tibero leapt into the corporate database market by launching Tibero 3 into the market last December 2006. They successfully developed the world's second Active Clustering technology last November 2008, and the world acknowledged their technology in DBMS with the highly efficient and stable Tibero version 4 which incorporated the new Active Clustering technology. With a highly competitive DBMS they succeeded in securing 460 references both home and abroad, including 20 clients which applied for the Tibero Active Cluster (TAC). Since then TIBERO launched the new DBMS 5 optimized for current corporate demands. With DBMS 5 they began to target the DBMS market for corporate functions full scale.


Product Introduction

Tibero, the head of Korea's database management system (DBMS) solution uses a unique multi-thread architecture, which allows it to use system resources much more efficiently and provides better performance and stability than its predecessors.

Even with its' powerful functions, TIBERO still provides their DBMS solution much cheaper than their competitors. An analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO) during 5 years indicated that by using Tibero a company could save up to 60 percent of the total cost of using a foreign solution.


Features of Tibero

With the development of the Active Cluster technology, and incorporating the Block Transfer technology to reinforce the Active Cluster, Tibero version 5 was introduced to the world. Tibero version 5 is the ultimate product in which Tibero has used its 10 year knowledge of DB technology and experience and shows the best DBMS performance in any given situation. They also added an administrator function to increase the convenience of the DB administrator(DBA). With the Self Tuning function, it is capable of optimizing performance and continuous DB monitoring. By adding various functions that clients had wanted, Tibero version 5 is expected to make a great storm in the DBMS market.


High capacity online transaction processing

Tibero provides an optimized architecture for high capacity online transactions, so it is able to flexibly maintain system performance to the max even with the increase of users. In contrast to the ordinary RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), which uses a Process Pool to correspond to the users, Tibero uses a Thread Pool, which decreases the overhead of process creation and termination in an event of steep increase of sessions. Also by reducing the frequency of Context Switching between processes, Tibero has a higher performance when it comes to using system resources.


Superior Stability and Availability

Tibero has continuously increased their stability of their RDBMS

instance through 460 references and achieved a high

usability by announcing the world's second Tibero Active Cluster, which is identical to Oracle's high performing RAC(Real Application Cluster)

The everyday Active-Standby composition leaves only one node active, whereas Active Clustering reduces the waste of resource during standby by putting all nodes into active mode. Consequently real time database service is made feasible by Active Clustering as automatic pail over to a new node is executed whenever a problem occurs in a node.

By using the Active Clustering function, the convenience of the administrator is also increased as the overall service is not influenced by a downtime in a specific node. Tibero provides online services in order to execute everyday businesses such as backup and recovery without the suspension of RDBMS. Incremental backups are also provided to increase the efficiency of backups.


High Oracle compatibility

From the very start Tibero was designed to support the standard SQL and provided the standard interface in JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB, and CLI (Call level Interface), being considerate of integration between various databases. By accepting Oracle's SQL Syntax and Data Types, they maximized the compatibility with Oracle, allowing the usage of PL/SQL syntax in Tibero without the modification of the source.

Tibero in the world

In order to target the global market, TIBERO has made affiliations with the American, Chinese, and Japanese headquarters of its parent company TmaxSoft. As a result, they succeeded in securing 14 clients including Japan's Nomura securities, China's Daewoo offshore and shipbuilding, and Shandong Limited.

While strengthening its relationship with foreign headquarters, TIBERO plans to promote their RDBMS product towards foreign clients who are already familiar with TmaxSoft's OpenFrame product based rehosting business. They are also considering an extended application of the Tibero RDBMS that was offered as a bundle with the OpenFrame.

TIBERO is also planning to target the market with its overseas partners. Especially many SI partners in Japan are interested in Tibero, and are considering many business opportunities.

Database related products require a lot of time and effort to develop. It took 17 years for Oracle to go from its initial version 3 (1983) to version 9. During 2009 the market share of domestic products was below 7 percent in the KRW 34 billion market.

TIBERO had strived for 10 years to develop a database product, and the results were the highly efficient and stable Tibero series and the world's second Active Cluster technology. In order to keep up the development results, TIBERO provides Korea's best research facilities. By providing independent research space, they created an environment where researchers can concentrate on their product development. TIBERO also invests aggressively to recruit external outstanding research personnel, and in contrast to the ordinary corporate culture, take a flexitime approach, creating a much freer environment for the researchers to develop in.


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