TmaxSoft to Contend in the World Corporate Solution Market
TmaxSoft to Contend in the World Corporate Solution Market
  • Choi Hyung-kyu
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CEO of TmaxSoft, Lee Jong-wook

SEOUL, KOREA — Not all Korean software are at their beginning stage to gain the global conscious. Since TmaxSoft ( dove into the System Software market in 1997, this company competed against software giants such as IBM and Oracle. Tmax, the world's second TP monitor software, was released only a year after, showing the world the potential of Korean corporate software. In 2000 TmaxSoft released JEUS, their Web Application Server (WAS) and in three years pushed aside IBM and Oracle to claim the highest market share in middleware for the last 6 years in a row.

TmaxSoft also developed a variety of software other than middleware solutions, such as the Tibero database management solution (RDBMS), Proframe application frameworks, and Openframe mainframe rehosting solutions. The know-how which TmaxSoft accumulated over the years has allowed TmaxSoft to provide the only domestic corporate total solution services while being praised as having one of the world's leading software technologies.

Of these solutions Openframe is being hailed as the model of a successful domestic software product launching overseas. Openframe is a rehosting solution that allows task services that ran on existing mainframe environments to operate in UNIX platforms without separate redevelopment. Using Openframe, users can use various programs in open environments without fixing their code, and use stored data without hassle through an easy migration service. This is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to downsize expensive mainframe operations into an open world environment.

"We were able to successfully pioneer a new market called mainframe rehosting through the first rehosting project in Korea with Samsung Life Insurance in 2006," said TmaxSoft's CEO, Lee Jong-wook. "Then, we were able to achieve outstanding rehosting results with other firms such as LIG, Meritz, and the Korean Maritime Police, as well as foreign companies including Nomura and Yamagiwa." He went on to say that Gartner released their 'report on the mainframe migration market' where TmaxSoft's 7,500 Mips rehosting project was presented as one of the most ambitious in the business, citing TmaxSoft's Openframe as a global solution that could even challenge IBM.


On the road to the world

Openframe is a versatile tool that can quickly and efficiently transfer programs and data from existing mainframes onto UNIX/LINUX based open environments. Through various failover functions, Openframe allows high availability as well as a versatile integrated management solution which allows monitoring and managing of multiple servers at once. Other functions such as a Hot Deployment system, which allows modifications in existing systems to be reflected easily in new modules without system shutdown by sharing changes real time during runtime, and a flexible architecture based on existing frameworks allowed Openframe to pave the way for TmaxSoft's venture into the world market.

The aforementioned Nomura company had a IBM mainframe based system which was downsized successfully into a UNIX server based open environment thanks to Openframe. This allowed a significant return on investment, and provided an efficient infrastructure that could better adapt to a rapidly changing market environment. The project was carried out jointly with NRI and NIT, two Japanese corporate IT systems providers, and through TmaxSoft's Openframe based system. The migration showed considerable automation which resulted in an outstanding example of business logic. This project was successful not only in terms of performance and function but it was also the most efficient out of Nomura's 400 projects and strictly kept the budget and deadline.

TmaxSoft was able to take the first step into the world market by founding the Japanese its branch in 2000. Last year they were able to turn a profit in the Japanese market. Openframe is not the only card in the deck for TmaxSoft, with products like Jeus and Tibero going global. The US branch was founded in May of last year, and held a product demonstration with 6 IT companies attending, further creating opportunities to create profit through their middleware and Tibero DBMS.


Management secrets for success

TmaxSoft has held true to their management strategy for the past 14 years. The main driving force behind planting a firm footprint in a market saturated with foreign products is the high technological standard set by constant R&D and a differentiated client based technical service.

TmaxSoft has spent nearly 20% of their yearly sales in R&D since their founding and the TmaxSoft R&D Center built in 2003 around Bundang has contributed significantly to advancing TmaxSoft into a world-class corporation. TmaxSoft's foreign businesses topped 89 billion won in sales, and both the US and Japan branch have reported outstanding business results, allowing TmaxSoft to anticipate their foreign sales to reach 154 billion won. The US branch will steadily push the launch of Openframe, while the Japanese branch will expand their product release to include TmaxSoft's workhorse middleware and DBMS products. Currently the company is looking for strategic partnerships with various local corporations, going through a paradigm shift into a partner centered business to target the market. Partnerships will range from OEM partnerships to exclusive distribution deals and reseller deals. Although still in its initial steps into the world market, through ever more advanced corporate IT system solutions and thorough quality assurance as well as an elite research staff and diverse partnerships with foreign partners, it looks like TmaxSoft will take even bigger leaps in the future.

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