For Bush's Second Term, America Should Be Guardian of Global Peace
For Bush's Second Term, America Should Be Guardian of Global Peace
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U.S. President George W. Bush began his second term on Jan. 20 with stronger popular recognition than four years ago. In 2001, only 45 percent of Americans thought Bush's election victory was legitimate, but now 77 percent believe so. There are less encouraging figures, though: his job approval rating barely exceeds 50 percent, the lowest among re-elected U.S. leaders in recent history. Moreover, 58 percent of global villagers think Bush's re-election has made the world more dangerous. The spread of liberty and democracy was the resounding theme of his inaugural address. "The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world," Bush said. Peace and freedom are two of the most fundamental values but which comes first would produce dramatically different results. The U.S. president also stressed U.S. support for the "growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation," while making clear that "ending tyranny in our world" is his ultimate goal. One can hardly take issue with the U.S. leader's pronounced goals and ideals. As his first four years in office demonstrated, however, at issue will be how. Unfortunately, there will likely be little difference from the first term in this regard, if some recent remarks by Bush and the secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, are any indicators. The U.S. president has made clear he would maintain the "for-us-or-against-us" attitude in the war against terrorism, while Rice targeted some "outposts of tyranny." This should serve as a stern warning against some authoritarian regimes in the world and as a message of hope for their oppressed people. Again, however, at stake for Washington are the manners and procedures to achieve its aims. The spread of democracy is necessary but the enforcement of its own values through military means accompanies too heavy a sacrifice, as shown in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush needs to heed the calls of the major U.S. media for changing his approach to foreign policy. The renewed U.S. administration is advised to consider increasing overseas aid as the means of spreading democracy. Washington is expected to spend $250 billion on its military campaigns in Iraq by the end of this year, compared to $15 billion in its annual contribution to needy countries. True global leadership can be attained by strengthening diplomatic offensives, not military ones. The U.S. may need unmatched military power as the global police but should not necessarily use it to force others do its will. We hope to see a new start in U.S. foreign policy toward a bold concession to induce even its enemies to reform and openness. By The Korea Times

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