Tilon's "elcloud" Showers you with Digital Access
Tilon's "elcloud" Showers you with Digital Access
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Access software on your PC online

SEOUL, KOREA — The birth of great software comes from asking questions. Why is the rate of software piracy so high in Korea Why do we have to buy a software package when we are only going to use it once or twice How can we use the software in the most efficient way As an IT powerhouse, it is about time for Korea to ask, "What can we create with all these great technologies" Apple is a great example. As a great chef puts fresh ingredient together to create a new sensational menu, they knew exactly what to do with new technologies. The thing is, even this century's greatest invention is only a great idea without great software. Korean consumers who are long accustomed to Windows and Internet Explorer find iOS dysfunctional because most Korean websites are designed to utilize Active X, and some websites don't even operate with an iOS system. For example, let's say Mr. Kim is trying to visit a homepage of a company with his smartphone before meeting its representative. But since the menu is made with flash, nothing really shows up on his smart phone. How can a smartphone truly function as a "portable personal computer" when our computer at home is Windows based, or our work computer uses the MS office tools This is why the number of Tilon Technology's elcloud and eldesk subscribers are rapidly increasing every day.

CEO of Tilon Technology, William Choi


Tilon Technology Inc, established in 2001, has developed cloud computing solutions for the last 10 years. In 2009, the company launched the cloud computing solution called elcloud for the first time in the world.

William Choi, CEO of Tilon Technology, says the motivation was to provide software as a service at a reasonable price through cloud technology. "I'd say cloud computing is computing that is provided by a service. Here, a selected amount of service can be used wherever, whenever, and through any device.

We took this concept to the next level and focused on developing a solution that enables consumers to legally use well software over the internet without installing programs.

Not only have we developed the top of the line technology to meet this vision, we have succeeded in signing a software license agreement with global software companies."


With a simple subscription process, subscribers can use software on any device such as a PC, laptop, and mobile device. Currently, Microsoft Office, Hancom office, Expression studio 3, CorelDraw software, Internet Explorer 8, and Stock exchange software is available, but more software will be added in the future.

elcloud: the cloud computing platform via virtualization

Tilon Technology provides elcloud service users access to well known software by means of cloud computing, by signing a license agreement with global software developers. But what makes their cloud computing platform so extraordinary is that their platform is possible through virtualization technology. "Software, platform, infrastructure, all of these should become a service for many to use efficiently. The cloud computing platform with virtualization technology creates a service site and user environment to provide IT resources conveniently and to manage them efficiently." CEO of Tilon Technology, William Choi continued, "The elcloud service is a creation of 10 year dedication by our staff. Tilon promises, any device can use the software over high speed servers, anytime, anywhere. Our research and development heavily focused on security, virtualization, and cloud computing. Our elcloud IE service is faster than any other existing fast-speed internet, and its strength lies in its certification isolation feature. We have a highly competitive team for research and development, the number of developers and their capabilities are comparable to the big firms like Samsung and LG. With its high intellectual property (17 patents and many awards), Tilon Technology buckles originality."

Cost effective, efficient, legit, ubiquitous, and easy installation

What is amazing about Tilon's elcloud is the amount of time and effort one requires to link their personal PC to their iPad or other smart device is drastically reduced. Once the potential subscriber visits www.elcloud.com, only a few simple steps are required to set up an ID and password. Once the ecloud application is finished downloading on their tablet PC, the subscribers can use software, upload and download content to the PC, and watch videos without lagging or buffering, all using over the cloud. Then the only question that remains, concerns the security. Can we trust "cloud" with our data Tilon's elcloud uses the IDC center, which is operated by LG Daecom whose is nationally recognized for security and stability. Tilon is a MS Gold Certified Partner in the Virtualization area, and has a high reputation in the nation as a fast growing SME corporation

Eldesk: Desktop virtualization service

How many of us dream about bringing a personal PC to work because the company PC only allows the internet to access work related websites What if one’s bills and taxes are due in the middle of busy schedule, yet smartphone can't access the tax office's homepage due to its programming "Our eldesk service reduces TCO by maximizing the efficiency of desktop management, provides mobile office environments, and supports the user’s convenience. It is a virtualization service that enables the usage of desktop PCs on smartphones, laptops, and tablets."

Tilon Dave Day 2012

Virtualization Service D.A.Vstation is soon to be followed by Estation this month

Tilon Technology is known for their long history in the research and development of virtualization solutions. Dstation is the desktop virtualization solution for the DaaS service infrastructure, Astation is the presentation virtualization solution for the SaaS service infrastructure, and Vstation for CBC based technology prevents information leaks. On October 26, 2010, Tilon unveils Estation- a solution for the next generation smart education virtualization. Based on Tilon's virtualization and cloud technology, many other projects relating to robotics and IPTV can utilize their progress.

Ready to Go Global

Tilon Technology is already highly noted among Japanese buyers. Increasing numbers of subscribers from outside Korea are becoming members of elcloud and eldesk services as well. Tilon has been highly active in global trade shows to meet many buyers abroad. "I believe that being the world's first doesn't mean much if the solution fails to follow the trend, is unstable, or doesn't meet the global standard. With great man power and a pioneering spirit, we will continue to strive for excellence and we will seek to do more business abroad in the near future," said the Choi.




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