Incheon IT Promotion Agency Awards Leading IT Enterprises
Incheon IT Promotion Agency Awards Leading IT Enterprises
  • Suh Jin-young
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Dr. Cho Sung-kap, President of Incheon ICT industry Promotion Agency (IITPA)

The Incheon IT Promotion Agency (IITPA) launches the 2011 Incheon IT Technology Awards (Incheon ITTA) to select and award the best IT businesses in Incheon. Hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Incheon Metropolitan City and sponsored by ET News and the Incheon Small and Medium Business Administration, Incheon ITTA began in 2003 and has honored a total of 40 companies over the last eight years, establishing itself as one of the most prestigious awards in the city.

Five companies are selected to receive the following awards: the Incheon Mayor’s Award, the Incheon Metropolitan City Council Chairman Award, and the ET News President’s Award in two divisions: the IT Enterprise section, for those that are growing into global companies, and the Business Incubator section, for those that have been founded in the last five years and have great potential as a star company to represent the city of Incheon.

In addition, special awards are presented by the chancellors of Incheon University, Inha University, and JEI College. Submission is open to IT companies based in Incheon and external experts will assess the documents and presentation based on the company's potential in terms of their technology, growth, and commercialization. For the special award section, which has been created for the first time this year, CEOs who graduated from a college within Incheon can apply regardless of the region of the company.

Applicants can download the form from the SMBA website ( and the submission will be closed on Tuesday, November 8, while the awards ceremony will be held during the Incheon IT Enterprise Year-end Party in December. With the Incheon ITTA, the Incheon Metropolitan City and the IITPA aim to spur R&D activities of IT companies in the city and promote the awarded products and brands through the media, supporting their domestic and overseas marketing activities and fostering them as technology driven IT companies that represent Incheon, the economic capital of South Korea.

Meanwhile, DA Tech, last year's IT section award winner, has shown a staggering sales growth rate of 67 percent by exporting a high-performance portable alcohol tester to more than 40 countries including the US, and is preparing to export a new product linked with smartphones.

BI section winner Durion (CEO: Lee Gyeongseok), on the other hand, has grown by 50 percent in sales in the open program market sector, while Kortek (CEO: Lee Hangu), who was selected as the IT Enterprise section winner in 2009 for developing a special industrial monitor for multi-layer displays, became a global company that took around 45 percent of the international casino monitor market.

Furthermore, the 2009 ET News President Award winner Ace Wave Tech (CEO: Moon Wongyu) succeeded in developing a portable PIMD analyzer, based on domestic Korean technologies, which is rapidly rising in the global market with their remarkable technology and price competitiveness. The IITPA is planning to provide diverse and differentiated supports for the Incheon IT Technology Award winners to create more jobs and build global companies.

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