Sensor Networks make Sensational World- MAXFOR Technology INC.
Sensor Networks make Sensational World- MAXFOR Technology INC.
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Recently, landfills in the metropolitan area that receives garbage from Seoul and Kyoungi province has been provoking a stream of complaints from the neighboring residents to come up with measures to get rid of the nasty smell. The same is true from industrial complex at Ansan, Banwol and Sihwa in Korea and China or any area in the world where industrial complex is closely located. Recently, environmental pollution issue in industrial area is one of the social hot potatoes and there is growing necessity that air quality be managed by restricting the use of poisonous gas and carbon dioxide at a certain level.

How should government and those industrial complexes respond to the stream of complaints on environmental contamination and regulation The answer lies in wireless odor sensor and system for environmental industry by MAXFOR Technology INC.(CEO Hwang Sung-il)

Wireless odor and system for environmental industry based on USN, developed through integration of USN key technology owned by MAXFOR Technology, plays its role as environment keeper inside odor generated area and industrial complex. Odor gas sensor system is a USN-based wireless environmental management system and adopts 2.4GHz or 400MHz RF, which allows to choose temperature, humidity, H2S, NH3, VOC sensor and monitor the degree of offensive smell with an algorism installed so that the people can easily control. It allows to systemically measure, analyze and manage industrial rancid smell from air pollution, sewage and waste water, VOC and water pollution of national basic industry complex and minimizes it so that those complex can effectively deal with environmental regulation and civil complaints. MAXFOR's software and USN middle ware platform technology received Good Software(GS) mark and Green Certification respectively, which acknowledged its quality from outside agencies. U-Clean industrial complex in Ansan and POSCO in Pohang have installed MAXFOR's monitoring system and other complex in the area of petro chemistry and steel industry is scheduled to adopt it. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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