Eco-friendly food waste disposer that was sold more than 30,000 in China in 2011 alone
Eco-friendly food waste disposer that was sold more than 30,000 in China in 2011 alone
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Sein E&G, a top player in the eco-friendly food waste disposal market with its CEO Lee Won-mi, is displaying a brand new food waster disposer.

The new release was the fruit of endless research and experiments over the years with aims to optimize convenient and eco-friendly aspects, the two key features that make a food waste disposer outstanding. Sinkleader, model SL-208, is a sink-equipped type and utilizes GWG (Garbage Wet-Grinding) system. With less than 1 year after the launch this year, it has already sold more than 20,000 Sinkleaders in China thanks mostly to its superior quality. Mr. Lee Wan Jong, head of Sein E&G's overseas business unit, has stressed that Sein E&G will continue its R&D efforts to claim the leading position in eco-friendly household electric appliances. He continued by saying that Sein E&G will do its best for the globe to achieve GREENTOPIA.

Designed by central technology development center of Sein E&G, Sinkleader is mechanically designed to prevent the over-load of the electric motor which enables long hours of life time for the motor. A Built-in on/off switch is the other technical strength of the product. The two technologies earned the eco-friendly home appliances provider KC mark, or Korean Certification mark, for the first time in Korean, which credited the superiority of its technology and product quality. Developed with technologies made in Korea, Sinkleader has also obtained 20 or patents including one for a noise control device.

Introduce Sinkleader

Sinkleader is a sink-equipped type product that adopts the GWG system. Incredibly, 20 seconds are enough to process waste in real time with no by-product generated. By putting the on switch at the top of the device, it is convenient and safe to use. The 'sink-equipped type' feature requires little space for installation and makes it semi-permanent as it can be used after relocation.

A Natural microbe (Active enzyme) gets rid of byproducts and corresponding offensive smells while grinding. Garbage is processed with the orders of first wet-milestone grinding, followed by wet-mixer grinding, microorganism degradation, grinding and stir, which adopts the GDL (which stands for Wet Grinding, microorganism Degradation and Loss) method. By reducing the level of environmental pollution through degradation of the microorganism sludge and degradation of oil residue in the ditch, its eco-friendly features is the key parts that makes Sinkleader extraordinary. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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