ELWOX produces must-have consumer electronic devices
ELWOX produces must-have consumer electronic devices
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ELWOX, which stands for Enjoyable Laboratory, Wise & Outstanding Xperts, under CEO Kim Do- young, has developed and provided consumer electronic devices that are essential in our daily lives. ELWOX has a motto to develop creative and remarkable software that adds value to customers with reasonable price, and pursues 'Human plus Mobile' direction.

During the Shanghai Electronic Show in 2011 (2011 AEES), ELWOX is to showcase its warm water mat, a brand new product which will attract the eyes of visitors


Ondol-room and mini-furnace


The new release is summarized as the combination of traditional Korean floor heating system and contemporary furnace technology. After 5 years of research, ELWOX has succeeded in developing a warm-water mat called 'Ondol-room', which is a technology-intensive and innovative. Ondol-room, or room with Korean floor heating system, it is a mat that is warmed up through warm water pipes installed inside rather than the existing electric wire.

CEO Kim Do Young who developed valve technology or furnaces for 40 years and holds 8 patents

ELWOX’s Ondol-room is a kind of a furnace in miniature that boasts of precise and safe operation and maximizes heat effectiveness while guaranteeing eco-friendliness. The Ondol-room has no circulation pump, which generates no noise or electromagnetic waves. It also accords with worldwide green energy policy as it consumes electric power at 200 watts. The Ondol-room has a micro-computer installed so that the temperature is controlled through one touch. Installation is easy to install anywhere, including bedroom, living room and anyplace else. A Mini furnace that is compatible with existing warm water mat is available as well.

During AEES 2011, ELWOX is scheduled to introduce its air bent that adopts an innovative water sensor methodology. It is a key part for water circulation which boasts a 0% error rate and is used in all kinds of heating devices. It is 100% compatible with existing pipes and therefore is easily replaceable.

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