Tune in to Hoesung Electronics
Tune in to Hoesung Electronics
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  • 승인 2011.10.31 12:08
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Starting as TV tuner part manufacturer and supplier 1975, Hoesung Coil Parts has grown to specialize in Power Inductors, Transformers, and RF modules.

They have secured numerous patents and won several awards for the Korean Government. It is their competitiveness and accumulated know-how that has enabled them to repeatedly develop excellent parts and gain a reputation as a trusted supplier a supplier of components both in Korea and abroad.

They supply products to such well-known companies such as Sony, Daewoo, Hitachi, and LG. Two products worthy of attention are their SMD Inductors and Bobbinlees Coils. T

With a new product line of SMD High Current Inductors design for application in Notebooks, DC/DC converters, Handheld devices, and VGA cards, and their new line of Bobbinless Coils they are destined to be a game changer.

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