Germs, Germs Go Away
Germs, Germs Go Away
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Allure F&B

Destroy those unwelcome guests that call your mouth home with a sterilization tool capable of killing up to 99.9% of them. Some 60 different kinds of bacteria responsible for various gum diseases, tooth decay and bad breath, could be living on your toothbrush right now.

They can start breeding in as fast as five minutes of putting your toothbrush down, due to the water still left on it and the moisture in the bathroom. Research has even shown that there are more bacteria left on a toothbrush than those existing in toilet water.

Allure F&B offers you a chose to avoid these symptoms caused by using an unsterile toothbrush! The O2 Toothbrush Sterilizer, destroys almost 100% bacteria and germs by using far-infrared radiation to dry and disinfect by producing a temperature of 85℃ to provide 24 hours of sterilization.

The sleek modern design of the O2 goes well with your bathroom décor to fit your lifestyle, you can even mount it over you toilet with full confidence. The O2 Toothbrush Sterilizer by Korean Manufacturer Allure F & B is available in 4 models.

Buyers can choose between the BS- 6000, BS-7000, BS-8000, and The BS-9000. These four models all promise the same disinfection rate of almost a hundred percent but , give buyers a variety of sizes and styles to chose from: the BS- 6000 is 17 x 25 x 7(cm), the BS-7000 is 26 x 15 x 5.7(cm), the BS-8000 is 26 x 28 x 6(cm), and the BS-9000 is 26 x 28 x 7(cm). Each uses 5.3 watts of electricity.

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