Profitability in Standardization: New Shield Can Clips from POCONS
Profitability in Standardization: New Shield Can Clips from POCONS
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Previously a shield can was soldered directly on the PCB or a frame was manufactured to fit the shape of the can, now POSCONS has designed a small, fixable shield can clip that automatically mounts the can using the Surface Mount Technology to assemble and hold it.

This allows the clip to be standardized and makes the clips small so they can be automatically mounted on the PCB using the Surface Mount Technology to attach the shield cans regardless of their shape. As a leader in the quest for IT innovation Korea is established itself as a trusted supplier of components for the mobile telecommunications area, as well as computer hardware.

Since its establishment, in 2006 out of Gwanghee Electronics, an established corporation, the POCONS has developed and manufactured connectors, which are surface-mount parts for information and telecommunication equipment and electronic product for both home and overseas markets.

Some notable features of the POSCONS SHIELD CAN CLIP are: First, effective utilization of the space in the PCB and automatic mounting of small-sized clips result in an increase in productivity by more than 30% in comparison to the frames that are prone to SMT troubles.

Second, there is no need for molds of frames, which enables the lessening of the development period as well as a reduction in operating costs.

Third, it is convenient to mount and/or dismount shield cans; the workability for after-service repair and maintenance will be by more than 90%, and lead to an easy purchase with low storage costs resulting from the standardization of common parts.

This product's main application includes mobile phones, Wibro USB Dongles, GPS modules, PMP’s, Navigation, MP3, UMPC, and PON. The shield can clip will lend itself to all applications using shield cans. Armed with a number of patents, it I attracting a lot of interests from electronics makers around the world.

POSCON was selected as one of the cutting-edge Internet businesses in 2007, and it has built a sales network in foreign countries, starting with the opening an office in China. In addition, the Company has developed and for use in various fields Shield Can Clips, which are used to block electromagnetic waves and enhance reception sensitivity of wireless telecommunications devices.

As Evidenced by a number of patents and certificates the company has obtained and received so far, its products are armed with sophisticated technology and know how and have met with public approval both in Korea and abroad. In addition to the Shield Can Clips, POSCONS also provides SHIELD CAN’s for use in mobile phone handsets to block electromagnetic interference, which are manufactured according to ultra-precision press method with automatic product extrusion and precision laser welding that enables slimmer mobile phones.

They also make SMD DOME SWITCHs to mount to PCB or FPCB made with Silicone, Urethane, Metal, which for use between the bottom of the Keypad and Main PCB. . POSCONS is very proud of their CONNECTORs, which are suited to the current trend of a low-profile, fine slim pitch board. Their board to board connectors offer a variety of positions and heights ranging from 0.50mm pitch to 2.54mm pitch, which have gained a high confidence among customers

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