Share the Limited Space When you Interface
Share the Limited Space When you Interface
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From electricity’s earliest days philosophers have drawn an analogy to the connection in an electric grid to those in human society. As electricity has develop from a large grid providing lights down to tiny Nano- chips this analogy as been continually update to admire the complexity of each new tiny component.

As if to emphasis the analogy between happy devices and harmonious global civilization, EFC's motto is, “Share the Limited Space, Share the Connection.” EFC produces interface modules optimized for various specialties.

Emphasizing their compact efficient designs they offer products perfect, but not limited to, the smart home, automatic control, the robotics industry, embedded systems, and electric power control.

They are happy to introduce their Interface Module for CPU for home networking, sensor networking, u-health, communication and convergent technology. They produce a Interface Module for Motor Driving Control for digital doors, pumps, and robotics. An Interface Module for Power Control and one for Button Switching are two additional products the offer.

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