Fulfill Your Dream To Be An Author
Fulfill Your Dream To Be An Author
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.11.04 09:22
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Minnesota, USA -November 3, 2011 - Years ago, aspiring authors would send out their works to multiple publishing companies and hope that any of them would agree to publish the book; after all, the costs are high even in self-publishing a paperback book. However, Amazon's Kindle prompted a new way to publish -digital. Although we, Korea IT Times, mentioned this previously, it is time to analyze how Amazon is progressing with its new business strategy and evaluate on whether it is worth your time to get on board.


Previous released data states that Amazon published 149 books so far -since its start in 2009; it may not be many, but the number is expected to almost double by 2013. If this prediction is true, then there will be a boom in Amazon digitally published novels. But what does this mean for you If you do not want your book to get lost in the piles of e-books, then you must do it quickly or find a way to stand out as a new author.


If you browse the Amazon site, you'll notice that the books that have the most reviews are the digitally published; let's assume that this is because customers realize that people may be hesitant to read a book from an author that they do not hear about in the news or read about in the newspapers. If you can attract enough attention now before the 'big boom', you may not have any trouble with any additional novels that you have published. Yet, remember that even if you enter late, you can somehow grab a crowd of fans and eventually it could grow.

A common misunderstanding is that Amazon published Kindle books are only digital; in fact, almost all of them are offered in paperback. Although we are not sure how Amazon determined which it would offer in book form, it may mean that you will still have that option in the future so you can still hold your book in your hands. Undoubtedly, Amazon will have you sign a contract which will limit your contact with the media and make you without specifics about the business. But when you are an author, do you care about this situation You'll probably just be happy to have your book published!

A promising trend is occurring in the 'e-book' and 'paperback' selections on Amazon; in general, the price of the e-book is 2/3 the price of the regular paperback -prices of both are declining. The prices are relatively low in general, so Amazon may be trying to transition consumers over to the e-book market. With the price of the introductory price of the Kindle declining with each model, it won't be long until we and everyone else will be reading our e-book. Get in front of the trend and start writing as soon as possible -after all, November is Author month!

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